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  • Durward Starman
    Apr 10 6:15 PM
      ******* Sorry, Carol, I have no interest in this topic, or in conspiracy theories in general. I had an interest in Steven's question of what constitutes "spiritual thinking", and other parts of the study of anthroposophy, to which you responded.
         If you regard wanting to stay on topic as being condescending, well I'm sorry, but I was answering his question, which has little to do with what you wrote.
        You're welcome to pursue your topic with others here if they are interested. Pursuit of it, I would say, will not contribute anything to ours. Political discussion usually generates much heat but little light. It has nothing to do with pure thinking except in the most arcane heights of political science, and there it's typically quite abstracted.



      To: steiner@yahoogroups.com
      From: organicethics@...
      Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 00:56:31 +0000
      Subject: [steiner] Re: akasha

      Hello Durward, I'm sorry about the letter mixup in my spelling your name – I hope this didn't throw you off too much - it surprises even me when my eyes seem to rule something of my soul and then I miss something so obvious.

      You know Durward, I really don't want to engage in a contest with you – I enjoy when you show me your Anthroposophic qualities without condescention etc - and I sincerely hope that you will allow me to explain something to you - as gentle as I  possible can-  while also hoping that you will understand that I'm not trying to indoctrinate you.

      ... Seeing as your Akasha post quickly followed the Body Politics one – in fact it was a close offshoot of this second mentioned one – I in fact still retained the 'thought images' cited in the BP post when I came upon the description of 'spiritual thinking' cited in the Akasha post.

      I'm glad you explained yourself in your last address to me but most especially I'm glad that you reinforced your 'individuality' by pointing out to me that I had mis– read and thus mis- spelled a letter in your name.

      In this latest post you so beautifully presented : « .... Thinking in ESSENCES.

      Instead of Durward or Carol, think the thought "the human being... »

      However, in a closely tied post (Body Politics), you wrote the following concerning, some human beings : « The links are to wackos hawking conspiracy theory nonsense..  »

      Now Durward, concerning this second instance mentioned above, would it be possible for you to  consider that a genuine Anthroposophist can  listen out for and then 'hear' what in essense those particular human beings, those individuals, those living souls were wishing to convey, over and above what you, as an individual, as an Anthroposophist,  know and identify as 'lower astral' ?

      I've picked up an impression of you that you are not in the habit of associating immediate earthly events with Spiritual Science - I sort of understand that consciousness soul viewing of immediate earth activities – as they relate to world history – is not terribly evident nor desirable for many Anthroposophists. Even I avoided viewing world events through an 'Anthropsophical lens' for a great many years..

      ... I did in fact post a link which described an apparently 'objective' eyewitness account of secretive instructions being given to American police officers and this is apparently  happening pretty much in 'real time' - (I have a sister and brother in law who are police officers, so I'm perhaps a little astute about things like this ).

      My point in bringing the 'link' up was not to invite Anthroposophists to 'dive down' with their own soul forces and attune these with the lower astral soul activity which obviously is the comfortable range used by the individuals in the video. No - it was to OBJECTIVELY listen to the inside information which apparently a friend and colleague of these 2 individuals had recently conveyed to them.

      In Anthroposohy we do know that elitist occult movements have a hand in the power structure of our countries and we also know that given the opportunity, they do conspire against humanity's 'right' to FREE SPIRITUAL evolution. It was having immediately to do with this fact - itself recognized by spiritual science - that I posted the info as an act of sharing . By doing so, I wasn't actually stating that such a thing will happen - for example, it is also possible that the police officers were being tricked, that they were being prepared for another more unpleasant  'unannounced' event and that the bank 'holiday' was used as an obvious and convienent 'stand in'. Who knows ? The funny thing about this is that something secretive is apparently likely to  take place on the North American continent for the reason that something secretive is already recognized to happen.

      Again, how might this connect with consciousness soul development ? It appears that in  our consciousness soul epoch, when enough people have the courage to  look at uncomfortable facts - they inevitably form a solid force against which the elist occult forces must contend.  In other words,  the more people discover  secretive plans like the ones cited here,  the more these plans are forced to 'fall'.
      Also having to do with this topic is something which Rudolf Steiner mentioned in that there  remain many members Michael's school who have not yet found Anthropsophy.


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