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  • carol
    Apr 10, 2009
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      Dunward: « "Spiritual" thinking can be understood by studying Dr.
      Steiner's philosophical works or any of his basic books. »

      Yes Dunward, spiritual thinking can be understood following this
      path– if approached in an unprejudiced manner – but would this
      exercise guarantee that the conceived 'spiritual thinking' will be far
      reaching. I believe that such 'far-reaching' ideal in spiritual
      thinking unfolds within an individual who first humby labours to
      transforms his lower soul bodies – and this will take TIME, EFFORT
      and great courage – and during as well as onward, there arrives the
      complex 'task' by which an individual student of spiritual science
      must begin to permit the Higer Realms to reveal inner meaning of outward
      life to his/her soul by way of spiritual concepts..

      And Michaelic courage is fundament to this ...

      Dunward: « ..(It's unfortunate that the word spiritual has come to
      mean a "nice" person or vaguely "moral." That's an absurd
      oversimplification and doesn't help with understanding what spiritual
      thinking could mean.) »

      Sometimes through Anthroposophic experience, a person is moved show
      interest in their fellowman and LOVE the (Christ seed) potential
      residing in living souls which enables them too, to reflect the will of
      the Higher Realms.

      A concept from out of Christ Jesus's life which impresses me in this
      regard is the instance where Christ Jesus stooped down and washed the
      feet of someone lower than He. Christ Jesus showed, by example of
      humility and gratitude to one lower than He that without the obvious
      pressing vulnerable shown by mankind, He would not have had reason to

      Dunward, if I, an Anthroposophist, on chosen occasions permit myself to
      lend an ear to what my 'nice and vaguely moral' earthly brother or
      sister wish to convey, I do so following the example of the Living
      Christ and do so in expression of humility towards Michael.

      Our earthly life is extremely complex and have confirmation of this, you
      have only to consider how many lectures Rudolf Steiner gave - and I'm
      sure that in the end, he remained somewhat dissapointed for not
      having had a chance to convey alittle more...

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