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  • Durward Starman
    Apr 5, 2009
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      ******* Well, I am going to give the list one more try. I'll also start posting the Calendar of the Soul mantras again at Easter. I hope someone here uses them ---and uses the list for something.
         "Spiritual" thinking can be understood by studying Dr. Steiner's philosophical works or any of his basic books. (It's unfortunate that the word spiritual has come to mean a "nice" person or vaguely "moral." That's an absurd oversimplification and doesn't help with understanding what spiritual thinking could mean.)
         When you look at plants or any other natural things, the BODY is what tells you of their appearance (which of course is only temporary and constantly changes, to a greater or lesser extent). It does so through the senses. Through your SOUL, you make an image inside of what you perceive, and also have pleasure or displeasure in it: I like this flower's color, I don't like the smell of stinkweed. But whether you like a plant's appearance or not has nothing to do with the plant's objective nature. When you study plants scientifically, as a botanist does, then your THINKING, which is a SPIRITUAL ACTION--- TRUE thinking, not merely the "having of mental images"--- is able to grasp the ESSENCE of a thing. THINKING IN ESSENCES IS SPIRITUAL THINKING---- as opposed to the mere outer appearances of things, or your feelings of like/dislike about them. It is something that we are born able to do but which many adults do only rarely, unfortunately--- but like any unused muscle, it can be developed again. We participate in the eternal through THIS kind of thinking, hence the knowledge of eternal Truth as well as of what is morally Good comes from it.
         A good place to work towards understanding this is the first chapter of Theosophy, which our small study group just went through. Just read the first few pages on Spirit, Soul and Body.


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      > Date: Sun, 5 Apr 2009 13:33:58 -0400
      > Subject: [steiner] akasha
      > Durward Starman wrote:
      > > Does no one on this list want to talk about spiritual science at all?
      > > There are thousands of lists for political rantings and other
      > > lower-astral garbage. Steiner brought anthroposophy into the world for
      > > us to use it to lift ourselves up, not go lower.
      > >
      > > -starman
      > ===================
      > Hi Starman,
      > Wasn't sure you were still around, but I am glad that you are. Last time
      > I thought you said you would be devoting your time to other matters.
      > In regards to a Steiner lecture that was read the other day, it was
      > mentioned that the spiritual thoughts of humans are recorded in the Akasha.
      > What do you think constitutes spiritual thought?
      > [GA 152]
      > "What a man acquires in the way of occult knowledge lives not only in
      > his soul but is inscribed into the Akasha-substance of the world. When
      > we make a thought of occult science come alive in our souls, it is at
      > once inscribed into the Akasha-substance and this is of significance for
      > the general evolution of the world. For no being in the whole world
      > other than man is able to make in the Akasha-substance the inscriptions
      > that can be called by the name of Occult Science.
      > It is important to bear in mind one characteristic feature of the
      > Akasha-substance, namely that in the spiritual world between death and a
      > new birth, man lives in this substance, just as here on the earth he
      > lives in the atmosphere."
      > -----
      > Also, we are warned not think of the spiritual as a very fine or wispy
      > material substance. But here he is saying that the Akasha is substance.
      > Any thoughts? Can anyone expand on this to help me understand?
      > - Stephen
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