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  • celestial_vision
    Apr 5, 2009
      Durward Starman wrote:

      > Does no one on this list want to talk about spiritual science at all?
      > There are thousands of lists for political rantings and other
      > lower-astral garbage. Steiner brought anthroposophy into the world for
      > us to use it to lift ourselves up, not go lower.
      > -starman

      Hi Starman,
      Wasn't sure you were still around, but I am glad that you are. Last time
      I thought you said you would be devoting your time to other matters.

      In regards to a Steiner lecture that was read the other day, it was
      mentioned that the spiritual thoughts of humans are recorded in the Akasha.
      What do you think constitutes spiritual thought?

      [GA 152]
      "What a man acquires in the way of occult knowledge lives not only in
      his soul but is inscribed into the Akasha-substance of the world. When
      we make a thought of occult science come alive in our souls, it is at
      once inscribed into the Akasha-substance and this is of significance for
      the general evolution of the world. For no being in the whole world
      other than man is able to make in the Akasha-substance the inscriptions
      that can be called by the name of Occult Science.

      It is important to bear in mind one characteristic feature of the
      Akasha-substance, namely that in the spiritual world between death and a
      new birth, man lives in this substance, just as here on the earth he
      lives in the atmosphere."
      Also, we are warned not think of the spiritual as a very fine or wispy
      material substance. But here he is saying that the Akasha is substance.
      Any thoughts? Can anyone expand on this to help me understand?
      - Stephen
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