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  • Andrew Linnell
    Feb 16, 2009

      Fascinating post - thank you!
      I am new to this group but not to Anthroposophy.
      In my Templar studies, I came upon something I'd like to share
      concerning 666.
      If we ask how long from a 666 cycle (Soratic Surge) does it take
      before the event is felt and noticed on earth, it would appear to be
      14 years. We find (warning: this is my research, not Steiner's) in

      680(666 + 14): astral body attack. 6th Ecumenical Council of
      Constantinople to dogmatize the human and divine wills of Jesus -
      Jesus has 2 wills and 2 natures (divine and human). Declares
      monothelitism (1 will and nature) a heresy. Separation of Sunnis and
      Shias. Building Al-Aksa Mosque on the Temple Mount begins 687. I did
      not find the exact date but during this reign of the archangel
      Zachariel, Oriphiel leads other arch-angels in a "revolt" over
      Intelligence. Zachariel, the Time Spirit in this age, has pulled
      back from full engagement by 869 although he had several decades to

      1346 (666*2 + 14): etheric body attack. Black Plague (1346 – 1351).
      Note the Knights Templars downfall began in 1307 and completed in
      1312. 1332 is 20 years ahead. 1332 + 20 = 1352 when the Plague ends.

      2012 (666*3 + 14): physical body attack. completion of "25,920 yr."
      cosmic year) in Mayan and Hopi calendars is 12/21/2012. By 2012 we
      likely will have the first bio-genetically engineered human and the
      start of parent-designed babies.

      Fear not the Future,
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