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4947RE: [steiner] further investigations into the AAG mystery

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  • Durward Starman
    Oct 5, 2008
      ******* For those who don't know what Robert is talking about: the "constitutional question" he mentions was the obsession for the past ten years or so of a small group of crank anthroposphists who pointed out that, by a legal technicality in Swiss law, the General Anthroposophical Society founded by Rudolf Steiner in 1923 had, I believe, been merged with the legal entity which had been formed earlier to own the building and grounds of the Goetheanum, and therefore our Society was possibly open to a technical legal challenge as to its very existence (although who, except the highly legalistic cranks themselves would start any motions to ever do so, is an open question).
          The Society took the required legal action to rectify this over the past few years, and so the "question" is now resolved and moot --- although this same group that allegedly was bringing this up for the Society's good instead filed lawsuits every step of the way to prevent its being corrected. The Vorstand (Executive Council) was recently forced to actually expel 6 or 7 people from the Society who were just using their membership to disrupt every meeting--- not a step the Vorstand would do lightly since they remember the terrible split in the Society in the 1930s with one group expelling another.
         The cranks are continuing a noisy debate filled, in my opinion, with mental ill-health and replete with insinuations of dark conspiracies and the other nonsense Dr. Steiner warned we must reject and instead use common sense to walk a healthy spiritual path. Their implication was that this legal change in the Society in 1924 was symbolic of some betrayal by dark forces that resulted in the Society being diverted from its "true" purpose--- meaning whatever opinion the cranks have of what it should do, of course! ---and so on and on. In other words, it was a vehicle for dissatisfactions of every kind to find a home. Our Society is, however, a democratic one, and the leaders are who we choose. Anyone with an agenda for change is free to run for its offices.
          In short, this was a 'movement' for people who had waaaaaaaaay too much time on their hands and should have been using their energies for something productive like teaching in a Waldorf School or running a farm or painting---which initiatives, BTW, all this hot air spewed about a 'constitution question' helped not one bit.
         Such discussion may be perfect for ANTI-Steiner 'discussion groups', but is not appropriate here as it has nothing to do with anthroposophy or the works of Rudolf Steiner. There is no 'mystery', the subject is closed now that the legal status of the Society has been cleared up, and anyone wishing details may contact the Goetheanum which is a public society.


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      From: robertsmason_99@...
      Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2008 12:16:11 -0700
      Subject: [steiner] further investigations into the AAG mystery

      To All,
      especially those who can read German:

      For those who don't know: Rudolf Saacke is the
      man who literally wrote the book on the tangled
      history of the founding of the entity that we
      know today as the "General Anthroposophical
      Society" of Dornach. That book is in German
      *Die Formfrage der Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft
      und die Innere Opposition gegen Rudolf Steiner*.

      Just recently Saacke has posted online Part 2
      of his book, which apparently focuses especially
      on "secret of the 3rd of August 1924". Unhappily,
      since I can hardly read German, I can't
      understand much of a detailed presentation such
      as this. But for those who are still interested
      in the "constitutional question" or, for that
      matter, in the character and destiny of the
      Society (and the karmically intertwined
      Movement), this new research will probably
      be indispensable. It can be found at
      <http://www.anthropo sophie-online. de>.


      Robert Mason

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