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4946further investigations into the AAG mystery

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  • Robert Mason
    Oct 5 12:16 PM
      To All,
      especially those who can read German:

      For those who don't know: Rudolf Saacke is the
      man who literally wrote the book on the tangled
      history of the founding of the entity that we
      know today as the "General Anthroposophical
      Society" of Dornach. That book is in German
      *Die Formfrage der Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft
      und die Innere Opposition gegen Rudolf Steiner*.

      Just recently Saacke has posted online Part 2
      of his book, which apparently focuses especially
      on "secret of the 3rd of August 1924". Unhappily,
      since I can hardly read German, I can't
      understand much of a detailed presentation such
      as this. But for those who are still interested
      in the "constitutional question" or, for that
      matter, in the character and destiny of the
      Society (and the karmically intertwined
      Movement), this new research will probably
      be indispensable. It can be found at


      Robert Mason
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