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4937Steiner on "Overpopulation": Please Help me Understand:

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  • christopherraymond_bio
    Sep 15 9:59 AM
      Dear Robert/Duward and everyone: I have not checked my email account
      until today and I've discovered that my email has been deactivated and
      I cannot seem to get it working again. So if any PM's are sent to my
      email, I apologize for not getting back. Thankfully, my 'username' is
      still active here.

      I'm hoping that perhaps some of you are aware of the issue of
      overpopulation. I have not posted here in quite some time but I knew
      that I would once more be frequenting this site and asking for your
      help. I am truly asking for your help right now.

      Did Steiner ever speak on such a matter of overpopulation?

      What should be our approach to understanding overpopulation in regards
      to mathematics and the idea of "doubling-time".

      Ahrimanic science says that there can be no arguing that with the
      doubling rate of the population and that either nature will cull, or
      man will. But is there another way to solve any such matters?

      Of my own accord, I cannot seem to be able to understand it, nor could
      I argue. Any help I appreciate.

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