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4932RE: Is the internet good or bad for the consciousness soul?

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  • Robert Mason
    Sep 4, 2008
      To Starman, who wrote:

      >>That's a pretty good example of conspiratorial
      thinking, rumors and fear substituting for
      knowledge, I can verify. He was not working with
      radionics at all for at least the past ten years
      when he was in bad health and almost blind. He
      was on the East Coast all that time, and a
      friend of mine took him in here in Virginia
      Beach, where he died a quite natural death in
      her house a few years ago, old, broken and
      forgotten by almost everyone.<<

      Robert writes:

      That’s shocking to me; I didn’t have a clue that
      Dr. Whitehouse was back in The Beach. The last
      info I had, indirectly, was that he was in San

      I was pretty sure that I had seen something on
      the Net about him being in San Clemente with
      elaborate “machines” before he died. But I
      googled and didn’t find it again. I did find

      “One of the founders in Radionic research was
      Dr. Charles Whitehouse. Charles was the first
      instructor at the Defense Intelligence Agency to
      teach classes to the agency on Radionic
      principles starting in 1979. Charles used to
      analyse pics. for me and did a numer of tunnel
      pics from Mindanao. He died in 1999 under
      unusual circumstances in a Military hospital.
      His body was cremated right after.”

      Starman wrote:

      >>Believe it or not, occultists are not so
      important that the mythical 'Power Structure'
      stays up nights worrying about them, has their
      phones tapped, and puts them out of the way to
      keep the Golden Shining New Age from dawning.
      Most people in business and government have
      never heard of any of these people, and regard
      what little they do hear of them as utter
      quackery. It's up to us to prove our science
      works without blind faith in it, and few do

      Robert writes:

      But “most people in business and government“
      aren’t in the real Power Structure, and probably
      know hardly anything about it. The real Power
      Structure is itself occultic, and is very aware
      of the danger that the “light-side” occultists
      and semi-occultist pose for it.

      Starman wrote:

      >>People who say that haven't been much in
      touch with Russian academia lately! The myths
      propounded in Psychic Discoveries Behind The
      Iron Curtain were the source of much rubbish for
      40 years, but absolutely nothing wacko like that
      is tolerated by Putin's government now.<<

      Robert writes:

      Some people over there apparently take such
      “rubbish” seriously enough:
      "[The Russian pyramid discoveries we have written about on our Divine Cosmos website prove that ‘torsion fields’ can be harnessed to create positive consciousness effects, miraculous healing phenomena and a noticeable decrease in earthquake and severe weather activity in the vicinity surrounding the pyramid.
      "Ozone holes appear to close up over the pyramids and water underneath the pyramids is purified. Oil well production also increases by 25 percent and the pumped material is cleaner than usual. Check out our free video seminar on DivineCosmos.com for more information.]"

      "They have collected a lot of data indicating that the pyramids exhibit a hitherto unknown ‘pyramid power’. Studies revealed that pyramids can increases the immune system of organisms leading to a better health. Agricultural seeds that were placed inside the pyramid for 1 to 5 days yielded a crop increase of 30 to a 100%. The Russian military measured a column of energy right above the pyramid extending for several kilometres into the air. Amazing enough the ozone layer improved over the area of the pyramids and seismic activity in the region diminished. A nearby oil well yielded a better production since the oil had become less viscous. The reports were confirmed by the Russian academy of Oil and Gas."

      I haven’t been in touch with Russian academia
      lately, but you can read about some of the more
      recent research here:
      I would guess that you could find more by
      Googling around a little.

      Starman wrote:

      >>As for the "black world" of Area 51 technology
      or whatever, it is Hollywood fiction, plain and

      Robert writes:

      But there is a black world; it was written into
      law in the National Security Act of 1947. But
      it’s so dark that there is no clear boundary
      between the governmental and the non-
      governmental. It’s a good question as to which
      is the tail and which is the dog.

      And it doesn’t come just from Hollywood. There
      are reporters, such as George Knapp:
      . . . a scientist such as Bob Lazar:
      . . . a pilot such as John Lear:

      . . . just Google around.

      Starman wrote:

      >>If you make contacts in government, you'll
      find absolutely no one here in the US
      allowed to waste funding on fringe or pseudo-
      science. That whole Independence Day scenario is
      just imagined by people with the most incredibly
      wacked-out ideas of how our government operates.
      Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but science and
      government in both the US and Russia is totally,
      completely materialist and orthodox. Stray from
      orthodoxy at your peril. What you do in church
      or what science fiction you read are your
      business, but leave it outside the office door
      if you expect to go anywhere. It's a myth that
      there are amazing scientific discoveries being
      suppressed by economic powers and/or the CIA---
      rather, people in the fringe science/occult
      world usually become unbalanced and destroy
      themselves. Assassins are unnecessary. No one in
      government cares about any of these crackpots
      who are mostly "legends in their own minds", in
      the grip of Lucifer.<<

      Robert writes:

      There’s a long history of fringe researchers
      being harassed and dying under mysterious
      circumstances. You seem to know about Dr.
      Reich. More recently, there was Dr. Eugene
      Mallove for instance:

      As Steiner said, materialism is a conspiracy;
      those in the know, know better. Orthodox
      science is for the chumps on the outside. Most
      of those in “the government” are indeed outside
      the real Power Structure. The grunts in the
      trenches are allowed to operate only on a need-
      to-know, compartmentalized basis.

      You seem to accept that Reich was persecuted by
      "the government"; why wouldn't "they" just as
      well persecute other scientists who get too
      close to the truths that are not supposed to
      be known to those on the "outside"?

      Robert Mason
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