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4930RE: [steiner] RE: Is the internet good or bad for the consciousness soul?

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  • Durward Starman
    Sep 2, 2008
      Starman wrote:

      >>. . . . what they did to Dr. Whitehouse, for

      >>(For those who never knew of him ----and he
      was crucified before he could become big enough
      to be heard much of--- he was a chiropractor
      here in Virginia Beach who got very interested
      in "radionics" machines, devices invented by
      Dr. Albert Abrams and developed further by Dr.
      Ruth Drown and others in the 1920s and '30s,
      that are able to attune to and diagnose the
      etheric body. Whitehouse discovered them
      through studying the psychic readings Edgar
      Cayce gave on them for researchers (calling it
      'etheronics' and saying it was the rediscovery
      in a new form of an ancient science of the
      Atlanteans). He got one, from George de la Warr
      labs I believe (whose company in the UK is
      apparently defunct now), and set up an
      Etheronic Research Foundation next to his
      chiropractic office and spent a few years
      seeking grants for this study and practicing
      with it. One of his clients apparently
      complained to the authorities about something--
      - I never did find out what the actual
      complaint was--- and he was put on trial for
      whatever they term it when you heal without
      permission. In vain he brought William Tiller
      here from Stanford and other researchers into
      radionics to testify---they found him guilty
      and took away his license to practice
      chiropractic, even though nobody ever accused
      him of being a bad chiropractor, thus depriving
      him of his livelihood.< <

      Robert writes:

      I first had contact with him in the early ‘80s,
      when all that legal excrement was coming down.
      He then left the country; went to Thailand, I
      think, and I lost contact with him. But he
      landed in Sedona, and I was in touch with him
      there, briefly, by long distance, around ’89.
      Lost touch with him again, but it seems he went
      to San Clemente Island, and I saw a very brief
      note on the Net a few years ago that he had
      died there. That’s about all I know, except
      that he apparently was still working with
      radionics, with elaborate new “machines” that
      he developed. As with Reich, I have to wonder
      whether his death was natural.
      *******That's a pretty good example of conspiratorial thinking, rumors and fear substituting for knowledge, I can verify. He was not working with radionics at all for at least the past ten years when he was in bad health and almost blind. He was on the East Coast all that time, and a friend of mine took him in here in Virginia Beach, where he died a quite natural death in her house a few years ago, old, broken and forgotten by almost everyone.
         Believe it or not, occultists are not so important that the mythical 'Power Structure' stays up nights worrying about them, has their phones tapped, and puts them out of the way to keep the Golden Shining New Age from dawning. Most people in business and government have never heard of any of these people, and regard what little they do hear of them as utter quackery. It's up to us to prove our science works without blind faith in it, and few do so.

      Starman wrote:
      >>. . . . no one knows yet about etheric
      physics except we anthroposophists. But with
      the free flow of information called the
      internet, everyone in the 21st century will!<<

      Robert writes:

      Oh, but the cutting-edge research all over the
      place is stumbling into the “etheric”, though
      that term might not be used for it. In this
      country that research might be “fringe” stuff,
      poorly funded if at all -- or suppressed by
      academic politics or economic pressure, or by
      outright murder. (But what’s happening in the
      “black world”? I suspect that “they” know
      plenty.) But you could look around Borderland
      Science, Keely Net, Etheric Warriors, etc. for
      some of the “fringe” buzz. -- But in other
      counties, such as Russia, it’s not necessarily
      so “fringe”; the Russians speak of “bio-
      photons”, “torsion fields”, etc.

      Robert M

      *******People who say that haven't been much in touch with Russian academia lately! The myths propounded in Psychic Discoveries Behind The Iron Curtain were the source of much rubbish for 40 years, but absolutely nothing wacko like that is tolerated by Putin's government now.
         As for the "black world" of Area 51 technology or whatever, it is Hollywood fiction, plain and simple. If you make contacts in government, you'll find absolutely no one here in the US allowed to waste funding on fringe or pseudo-science. That whole Independence Day scenario is just imagined by people with the most incredibly wacked-out ideas of how our government operates. Sorry to burst anyone's bubble, but science and government in both the US and Russia is totally, completely materialist and orthodox. Stray from orthodoxy at your peril. What you do in church or what science fiction you read are your business, but leave it outside the office door if you expect to go anywhere.
          It's a myth that there are amazing scientific discoveries being suppressed by economic powers and/or the CIA--- rather, people in the fringe science/occult world usually become unbalanced and destroy themselves. Assassins are unnecessary. No one in government cares about any of these crackpots who are mostly "legends in their own minds", in the grip of Lucifer.

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