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493re: spiritual awakenings

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  • Gisele
    Jan 16, 2001
      From the Education Section in GB ~ extracts ~

      ...For some years we have been interested in certain behaviour patterns in
      children which were not easily explained by current theory but were none the
      less causing problems in school and which we felt needed addressing. These
      children did not necessarily have 'special needs' but were often
      experiencing difficulties in integrating into the classroom situation and
      this could lead to both behavioural and learning problems.
      After much thought and questioning it became apparent to us that a possible
      explanation for these behaviours might be that these children were in some
      kind of 'Threshold' situation with regard to the functioning of their soul
      faculties and bodily sheaths. The concept'Threshold' here is used to
      indicate the border between the material world and spiritual world as
      described by R.S....
      ...In about two thirds of the children cited there was some degree of
      clairvoyance. In many instances the children were able to describe what they
      "saw". This commonly took the form of some kind of coloured 'aura' around a
      person, usually connected with strong emotional moods. It appeared that
      children generally took this ability for granted and would not normally
      mention it...However, this type of clairvoyance came to light in our
      research as a problem for the child in cases where there was a contradiction
      between the observed inner state of a person as seen from the aura and their
      outer behaviour. An example we came across several times was when the aura
      around an adult showed anger or disapproval despite the outward behaviour of
      smiles and kind words. This contradiction could be both confusing and
      distressing, particularly for younger children....
      ...Many also described seeing 'beings' or 'ghosts', and surprisingly these
      were usually perceived as benevolent rather than frightening. Sometimes
      these were described as some kind of 'friend', in others they were believed
      to be as yet unborn brothers or sisters. In other cases they were associated
      with a particular place or event. The ability to predict particular
      incidents in the future was also noted in several of the children.
      A number could also describe 'out of body' experiences where they were aware
      of moving about independently of their bodies. These were usually in the
      form of dream pictures, and in some cases the children could report the
      experience of 'floating down' and coming back into their bodies on waking
      ...In nearly all cases our respondents reported behaviours which they
      believed appeared to indicate some degree of separation of the soul
      faculties of thinking, feeling and willing. Separation of these faculties in
      adults during the process of initiation has been described by R.S. (See
      "Division of the Personality during spiritual Training" in Knowledge of the
      Higher Worlds and "Knowledge of Higher worlds. Concerning Initiation",
      chapter 5 of Esoteric Science).In this case, where the necessary degree of
      moral development has been attained, the strenghtened ego is able to take on
      the task of co-ordination. The basic question we were asking was, 'What
      behaviours could be seen which might be explained by the three faculties
      acting independently of one another, bearing in mind that hte child's ego
      would neither be sufficiently incarnated nor sufficiently strong to carry
      out this task itself? There appeared to be various different manifestations
      of this condition.
      Strong willed children were described whose behaviour was superficially
      naughty but who did not respond in the normal way to being reprimanded. They
      would often repeat the action and then seem genuinely puzzled by the
      teachers angry reaction. Such cases were put forward as examples of strong
      will which was disconnected from the normal restraining effect of the
      thinking....Other children were described who lived more strongly in their
      thoughts...Example: where an instruction might be given which was clearly
      understood, but then the child would leave the task undone, apparently
      believing it had done all that was necessary. This could be seen as
      indicating ideas and intentions being left 'stranded in the thinking'
      without being automatically carried over into the will and therefore into
      action. A further type of behaviour was seen where children exhibited a kind
      of 'paralysis' of the will in which they seemed unable to carry out a simple
      instruction despite apparently understanding it and recognising the need for
      action.... This behaviour could be mistaken for laziness or stubborness or
      even autism but our research would suggest that an explanation might be some
      kind of 'block' in the normal flow from thinking to will, consistent with
      the idea of a separation between these two faculties.
      In yet another group, children were described who seemed unable to hold
      their concentration, they would easily lose the thread in a train of thought
      or forget a set of istructions half way through carrying them out. Such
      children are often labelled as having Attention Deficit Disorder. Again our
      respondents concurred with the view that in some cases an explanation might
      be a sort of inability to direct thoughts with will, consistent with a
      separation between willing and thinking....
      ...such children often fell outside the social norm and because they were
      aware of being different from others they felt a great sense of isolation
      and loneliness. They were also unusually aware of their shortcomings, again
      a great source of unhappiness. However, many reported an unusually high
      degree of imaginative ability in these children...

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