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4927RE: RS re true internationalism

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  • Robert Mason
    Sep 2, 2008
      To Starman, who wrote:

      >>First, most people in the world have never heard
      of Rudolf Steiner, so are not talking about him at
      all. Of those who know Steiner and have studied
      him, not one talks about him as racist. He was
      against racism and anti-Semitism forthrightly his
      whole life, as this quote you posted helps to

      >>So, what does this mean that there's a lot of
      "talk" about Steiner's racism? Answer: a tiny
      number of people who are virulently anti-Steiner
      are the ones doing this talking. In other words, a
      small number of cranks. . . .

      >>It's not really worth paying attention to except
      as a symptom of the 'politics of personal
      destruction' practiced these days ----don't debate
      a person's ideas, imply they're a 'Nazi', a
      'racist', etc. and that will dispose of them to
      the ignorant--- but when Steiner is slandered, we
      as anthroposophists are required to respond.
      There's lots more that could be quoted to refute
      this libel, but I wanted to make it clear there
      aren't lots of people talking about this
      accusation, it's the creation of a few with an
      axe to grind.<<

      Robert writes:

      I was alluding mainly to the “talk” in the Yahoo
      groups such as the WC, much of which has spilled
      over into the Anthro groups, thanks in part to
      Tom. But I was also alluding to the wider world,
      both cyberspace and meatspace. I gather, again
      from Tom in part, that there is plenty of such
      talk over in Europe, especially Germany. And, as
      you probably know, in much of Europe, especially
      Germany, accusations of “racism” can have serious
      legal consequences.

      And I think it would be a mistake to assume that
      all the people doing that “talking” don’t “know”
      or haven’t “studied” Steiner, in the ordinary
      sense. Some of the people over in the WC have
      obviously read a lot of Steiner, probably more
      than have most Anthros. I look in over there once
      in a while, and I keep seeing Steiner-saids that I
      hadn’t seen before. And now we have our self-
      proclaimed Anthro “Judas”, who seems to know his
      way around in Anthro circles in the US, and
      apparently also in Europe.

      I don’t know about their numbers, but I wouldn’t
      want to underestimate these people or the damage
      they might do.

      Robert M
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