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4802Re: Spirit Orbs

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  • Mathew Morrell
    Jun 17, 2008

      > Mathew, I've never visited caves in the Ozarks but have prowled

      > through Mammouth Cave and others in Kentucky 's cave country. It seems

      > to me these "orbs" might possibly be what some locals call methane

      > globs, formed from escaping gases deep underground. I know nothing

      > more about such phenomena other than to say such globs in Kentucky

      > seem to be found in the very large open dave sections very deep

      > underground.


      > Thanks for all your contributions - they are enjoyed.


      > Sheila


      You really are well travelled, Sheila.  No wonder you're so good at travel-writing.  I've never heard of methane globs before but I'm certain there's a rational explanation of some kind. 


      Here's another picture of an orb where there's no concentration of escaping gas.  The picture was taken by me outdoors, at the cave entrance.  This particular cave was on National Park land, so it was gated.  Look very closely at the "orb" above the man opening the gate. 







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