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  • Mathew Morrell
    Mar 2, 2008


      I see some positives in living in a declining civilization.    

      While society crumbles away, the social ties that bind the individual to tradition and conformity are also loosened; consequently people are freer than ever to explore the Mysteries, i.e. anthroposophy.

      Progress can be made—even in dying cultures, after all—on the level of "the individual".         

      I see myself getting along equally well in both stages of culture, both the high and the low.  I'm comfortable at a Rammstein concert as I am at a recital of Saint Matthew's Passion.      

      Ultimately, societal problems are in God's hands, not mine. 


      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, Robert Mason <robertsmason_99@...> wrote:
      > To All:
      > I still haven't found any information that
      > directly connects Fercher with Mani, but I have
      > found some statements that RS made about
      > Fercher. For instance:
      > (*Riddle of Man*: "Pictures from the Thought-
      > Life of Austria") "I learned to know him
      > [Fercher] at the end of the 1880's in Vienna
      > and for a short time associated with him
      > personally."
      > (*The Story of My Life*: "Chapter: VII") "I
      > consider the fact that I came to know Fercher
      > von Steinwand as one of the most important
      > events of my youth; for his personality acted
      > like that of a sage who reveals his wisdom in
      > genuine poetry. . . . in the play of
      > countenance, in every gesture of Fercher, I saw
      > the essence of a soul which could only have
      > been formed in the time from the beginning of
      > the Christian evolution, while Greek paganism
      > was still influencing this evolution."
      > It is evident that Steiner considered Fercher
      > to be a very significant spirit: meeting him
      > was "one of the most important events of my
      > youth"; I would assume that RS did not make
      > that statement lightly. And what RS says about
      > Fercher's previous incarnation is consistent
      > with the place and time of Mani's life.
      > Probably Steiner knew more than he was saying
      > explicitly here -- only hinting at something
      > very important?
      > Elsewhere Steiner said something solemn and
      > momentous in connection with Fercher:
      > (*Mysteries of Light*: "Lecture III") "I once
      > read aloud here from this same platform a
      > thesis of Fercher von Steinwand, that German-
      > Austrian poet, who in the sixth decade of the
      > 19th century expressed his opinion about the
      > future of the German people. The lecture is
      > noteworthy because it was given before the
      > ruling King of Saxony and his ministers. In
      > this sixth decade — those who were there at the
      > time heard it — Fercher von Steinwand said that
      > his German people is predestined some time in
      > the future to play a role somewhat like that
      > which the Gypsies were playing then. It was a
      > deep glimpse into the evolution of humanity
      > which Fercher van Steinwand had."
      > Apparently RS was endorsing Fercher's prophecy.
      > And Steiner was really "hitting on all
      > cylinders" at the time; he had a clear view of
      > the future. In the same lecture he made this
      > grave prophecy: "Let the kind of teaching that
      > prevails in our universities continue for
      > another three decades, let social questions be
      > treated as they are now for thirty years more,
      > and you will have a devastated Europe." He
      > said this in December, 1919; of course the
      > prophecy was fulfilled in less than thirty
      > years.
      > And Fercher was not the only one to make this
      > prophecy. Bondarev wrote (in *The Crisis of
      > Civilisation*): "Rudolf Steiner warned that
      > the situation might come where the Germans are
      > driven out of their native land and scattered
      > over the entire earth. If we understand the
      > dark spirit that rules in our time, we can say
      > that the realization of this plan is already
      > conceivable. It is enough to activate the
      > radical Right-wing parties in Germany a little
      > and unleash a corresponding campaign in the
      > world-press - and under general expressions of
      > approval the Morgenthau-Plan will be realized,
      > or the Germans will be scattered over the other
      > lands and continents.* {*There is a statement
      > by Goethe to Wilhelm Riemer, the teacher of his
      > son August, containing the following: "Who
      > knows - destiny will beat them (the Germans)
      > because they betrayed themselves and did not
      > want to be what they are. It will scatter them
      > over the earth like the Jews. - And rightly so!
      > For the best of them live in exile and only in
      > exile, in dispersion, will they develop the
      > wealth of good that lies within them, for the
      > benefit of the nation, and be the salt of the
      > earth!" And Trithemius of Sponheim writes in
      > *De septum mundum regnatibus Archangelis*: "The
      > descendants of Lohengrin ... will be numbed and
      > destroyed ... The Germans, scattered throughout
      > the world like gypsies, will have to muster all
      > their strength to retain culture for the earth
      > as pupils of Michael ..." (translation from the
      > Latin by Karl Luttenberg, 1943; Publisher's
      > Note).}"
      > I once mentioned this prophecy to a German
      > Anthroposophist, and he replied that the
      > Germans are already scattered like Gypsies. I
      > think he was probably referring to the massive
      > emigration of Germans to places such as the USA
      > in the past few centuries. But I don't think
      > that this emigration was the scattering
      > that Fercher, Steiner, Goethe, and Trithemius
      > were predicting. For one thing, that
      > emigration was already well underway when
      > Fercher spoke and practically completed when
      > Steiner spoke; for another, it was not
      > emptying Germany of Germans; and for another;
      > the German descendants in the USA have not
      > remained Germans as the Gypsies have remained
      > Gypsies.
      > It seems that this "scattering" still lies in
      > the future. Germany has already been crushed
      > and made powerless; she is effectively ruled by
      > her enemies, and her people have mostly been
      > "re-educated". The best products of her spirit
      > (Goetheanism and Anthroposophy) have not
      > reached fruition in the wider society, and are
      > struggling even to survive. The hatred of the
      > true German spirit is still such that her
      > enemies on Earth (e.g. some that we know on the
      > English-speaking Internet as the "Waldorf
      > Critics") are loudly and energetically
      > agitating against Anthroposophy. . . . And, if
      > we take Steiner's warning seriously, it is
      > apparent that this hatred has yet to do its
      > worst against the German people themselves:
      > Mid-Europe will be emptied of Germans and the
      > survivors will be scattered like Gypsies. And
      > why not? Germany is almost disarmed in
      > relation to the rest of the world. Even
      > Pakistan now has enough nukes to turn Germany
      > into a radioactive desert.
      > Sad, sobering thoughts.
      > Robert Mason
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