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4634Re: AntiMatters vol 1 no 2 released

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  • ujmvjm
    Dec 1, 2007
      Hello Sheila,

      Your link to the Steiner e-lib doesn't seem to work, but a little googling yielded these links:
      • http://www.elib.com/
      • http://www.rsarchive.org/
      Very useful. Thanks for making me search! Thanks also for pointing me to Goethe's "The Green Snake and The Beautiful Lily." After tagging it, I googled for the German original (since I'm German by birth and passport), which can be found here:
      • http://www.dreigliederung.de/gliederung/goethesmaerchen.html
      • http://www.fln.vcu.edu//goethe/maerchen.html
      • http://www.digbib.org/Johann_Wolfgang_von_Goethe_1749/Das_Maerchen
      Best wishes - Ulrich

      ---"happypick2000" wrote:
      > Dear Ulrich and Friends,
      > Welcome on board, Ulrich - I wonder if you joined us early enough to
      > have received Dr. Starman's posting of Goethe's "The Green Snake and
      > The Beautiful Lily", but if not, it's easily found among the recent
      > messages. With your background in science [mine is also in science] I
      > really believe you'll gain very much from the list's
      > study-as-we're-able of this incredible work of Goethe's to be followed
      > by Steiner's "The Portal of Initiation" as a further study, but then
      > that concept applies to everything of Steiner's. I wonder if you're
      > aware of the Steiner e-lib [I believe the URL is
      > http://www.steiner.e-lib.org, but is mentioned in various postings]
      > where we gain so very many of Steiner's lectures as free downloads.
      > Not to worry, though, since time and study will allow many of
      > Steiner's works to bring insightful discoveries and we're very glad to
      > have you as a new friend.
      > Blessings,
      > Sheila
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