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  • happypick2000
    Nov 30, 2007
      Dear Ulrich and Friends,

      Welcome on board, Ulrich - I wonder if you joined us early enough to
      have received Dr. Starman's posting of Goethe's "The Green Snake and
      The Beautiful Lily", but if not, it's easily found among the recent
      messages. With your background in science [mine is also in science] I
      really believe you'll gain very much from the list's
      study-as-we're-able of this incredible work of Goethe's to be followed
      by Steiner's "The Portal of Initiation" as a further study, but then
      that concept applies to everything of Steiner's. I wonder if you're
      aware of the Steiner e-lib [I believe the URL is
      http://www.steiner.e-lib.org, but is mentioned in various postings]
      where we gain so very many of Steiner's lectures as free downloads.
      Not to worry, though, since time and study will allow many of
      Steiner's works to bring insightful discoveries and we're very glad to
      have you as a new friend.


      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "ujmvjm" <ujm@...> wrote:
      > Starman sent me this email:
      > Well, I don't have any objection in principle to hearing about
      > Easternreligions, but this is a group for the study of the Western path
      > givenout by Rudolf Steiner, and you just joined this group and
      > didn'tintroduce yourself or anything, just broadcast this notice about
      > amagazine based on Sri Aurobindo. If you don't intend to participate
      > in our group, but merely want touse it for ads of whatever kind, you
      > will be removed. I don't joinHindu religion groups to propagandize about
      > the Western path or ourmagazines.
      > Here is my reply:
      > 1. Sorry for not introducing myself. I studied physics at the
      > University of Göttingen, Germany, and at theIndian Institute of
      > Science in Bangalore, India. I received The Mother
      > <http://www.auroville.org/vision/ma.htm> 's personal Darshan in 1972,
      > during a two-year stint at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of
      > Education <http://www.sriaurobindoashram.org/ashram/saice/index.php>
      > (SAICE) in Pondicherry, where I studied Indian philosophy
      > andparticularly the works of Sri Aurobindo. In 1977 I settled
      > inPondicherry and during the last six years have been teaching
      > aphilosophically oriented course of contemporary physics at the SAICE.
      > Ihave published numerous papers
      > <http://thisquantumworld.com/ht/content/view/25/31/> in academic
      > journals of physics,philosophy of science, and consciousness studies,
      > and have given talksat conferences on quantum physics and on Indian
      > psychology. My primeareas of research are the foundations of
      > contemporary physics
      > <http://thisquantumworld.com/ht/content/blogsection/4/27/> ,
      > itsontological implications
      > <http://thisquantumworld.com/ht/content/blogsection/7/41/> , the mystery
      > of consciousness, the place ofphysics in the context of a larger
      > reality, and the nature of thislarger reality. Recently I have become
      > the managing editor of AntiMatters <http://anti-matters.org/> ,an
      > open-access online journal published by the SAICE, which addressesissues
      > in science and the humanities from non-materialisticperspectives.
      > 2. It is not correct that AntiMatters
      > <http://thisquantumworld.com/ht/content/blogsection/4/27/> is based on
      > Sri Aurobindo. For one thing, there is no reference to Sri Aurobindo in
      > the journal's Focus and Scope
      > cies#focusAndScope> . For another, if you take the time to go through
      > the Contents of its (so far) two issues, you will find that the majority
      > of contributions are far from being based on Sri Aurobindo. The only
      > requirement from contributors to the journal is a non-materialistic
      > approach to an issue in science or in the humanities.
      > 3. The editors
      > > of AntiMatters are not a religious group, nor a Hindu group, nor a
      > Hindu religious group. Considering Steiner's dissociation from the
      > theosophical society, and considering that the headquarters of that
      > society were based in Chennai (formerly Madras), I can understand a
      > certain antipathy to Indian traditions, even though theosophy is at best
      > a mockery of Indian philosophy and spirituality.
      > 4. Both my cousin and her husband were teachers (now retired) in a
      > Waldorf School in Germany, and are still very actively involved in
      > several anthroposophical projects. (He actually spends a lot of time in
      > Dornach.) I owe most of my knowledge of Steiner to them, and they keep
      > telling me that there is a high regard for Sri Aurobindo in
      > anthroposophical circles.
      > 5. I may not easily find time, and also may not be qualified, to
      > actively engage in Steiner-related discussions, but one of my reasons
      > for joining this group was to learn about Steiner-inspired research and
      > to identify potential contributors to AntiMatters.
      > Best regards to all - Ulrich Mohrhoff
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