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4629Re: Goethe's Fairy Tale of the Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily

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  • carynlouise24
    Nov 30, 2007
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      Hi Durward, Matthew and Sheila (hope your wrists heal well - least
      you don't have to do housework!)

      Thank you for posting Goethe's Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily -
      it is a wonderful rich story and so good to read as the story becomes
      absorbed into the soul and the soul is loosened and lifted.

      I also enjoyed reading The Portal of Initiation another rich story of
      human life. Johannes and Maria seem to be the main characters in the

      I got a bit sidetracked in reading some other material but would like
      to discuss the play further.

      Durward, while we here - i've been thinking of something. This year
      I have seen two Comets. I saw Comet McNaught on the 18th Jan 20h33
      in front of Aries constellation. Wow it was close, with a big head
      and sparkling tail and it was very bright - it made this arch jump in
      the sky before it disappeared.

      On the 10th Nov 10h05 I saw another Comet - I think it was Comet
      Holmes. This Comet was higher in the sky than McNaught and was
      travelling west to east in front of Gemini Constellation. Seeing I
      saw this Comet on a bright sunny morning - it must be very bright to
      be seen during the day. It was quite long with a sparkling tail.

      With this I have been thinking - although the Comet is of course
      travelling it is infact the rotation of the Earth moving (quite fast)
      which makes the Comet appear as if it is travelling fast across the
      sky but it is infact the Earth travelling in a anti-clockwise motion
      which makes the eye think the Comet is travelling in a rotation

      Interesting eh.
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