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4591RE: [steiner] Re: Miscegenation?

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  • Durward Starman
    Nov 14 1:31 PM
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      >>Duward let us first put everything aside and ask a question: "What
      did Dr. Steiner believe about miscegenation? "
      *******Well, why don't you find a quote by him on the subject and post it? Myself, I've never read a single remark of Dr. Steiner's even remotely suggesting that people of one race shouldn't marry another.
      >>... would he have said "Do not place any importance on it?"
      *******I believe anthroposophy does not, yes, so he would have.

      >>Now referring specifically to culture: One way to bring about a
      cultural mixing is through miscegenation....
      ******* There are lots of white kids mimicking black culture without having to have black fathers.

       Here is the quote taken from "Health and Illness in 1922:
      "I am convinced that if we get yet another set of Negro novels and
      give them to pregnant women to read, then Negroes do not have to come
      to Europe to conceive mulattos; just by reading Negro novels, half-
      blood children will be born in Europe"
      Durward, if Dr. Steiner did indeed say this (I think he did) let's
      investigate what he was teaching us and not fall into either white-
      washing thr matter, or the opposite angle in claiming he was a

      ****** Again: a book cannot have a "race", so that, to me, clearly shows he must have meant that, because what happens in the inner spirit has such an effect on the developing child, a woman reading stuff that is culturally low would have it affect her child. Same with the terrible music people listen to now, it affects their kids.

          I've said all I really wish to say on this subject. The essence of it is below. If others want to continue the thread, they can.

      >  Each spirit is an
      individual, a species unto itself. The 'soul' is what we know as the
      astral body. It is formed when the spirit comes down towards
      incarnation. There are different types of astral bodies, and they are
      formed to incarnate into a suitable body, yes. But it's not quite
      that there is a "Chinese soul" or a "Negro soul". That's an
      approximate way of speaking. The exact way is a "Mars soul", "Jupiter
      soul", and so on. But a Mars soul could incarnate as an American
      Indian OR as a Caucasian who relates a lot to Indian culture and is
      very war-like (even ruddy-complexioned or reddish-skinned) , OR as a
      black man who has a shock of red hair and acts like a warrior---
      viz., Malcolm X.
      > These are not, however, like grades in school, with each one
      being above another, any more than an animal spirit is going from
      third grade to fourth to experience being a moose then a dog then a
      whale. It's a lateral movement, not vertical.
      > I do not see the mixing of races speeding up materialism,
      nor avoiding same helping to slow it down. I see thinking about
      spiritual things, not physical ones like race, countering it. 
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