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4506RE: [steiner] Re: Gulags for Anthros?

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  • Durward Starman
    Aug 2, 2007
      *******I think you're right, Matthew. The Ahrimanic World Order seldom
      directly censors or openly confronts spiritual truth, when it's much easier
      to adopt a two- or three-pronged strategy of ridiculing it when appropriate,
      co-opting it if possible, and working to undermine it behind the scenes. So
      anthroposophic medicine is ridiculed--- all you need to is refer to someone
      as a "quack" when a brief mention is made of anything other than materialist
      medicine--- and the Waldorf Schools have been flooded with leftists, even
      though to anyone with a clear mind, Marxism and anthroposophy are like oil
      and water. Offer people a "European" education with a few ideas borrowed
      from Waldorf, and even perhaps vouchers so people will still keep condemning
      their kids to public schools. As one thinker said, When the government
      controls the schools it does not need to control the press.

      There is only one way to keep from being co-opted: that's to think in
      clear, objective principles just what spiritual science is and keep it
      before you at all times. It's this: in our age we are dualists, we accept
      that there is matter and that can be investigated scientifically, and then
      there is what is immaterial and that is the domain of faith and belief only.
      We reject this sick philosophy. We are monists. There is only one world. It
      can all be investigated. There are no limits to knowledge except those Man
      imposes on himself. We can investigate spirit and soul as much as matter---
      and, moreover, any investigation of matter which leaves the latter two out,
      results in AT BEST only partial truths, and, at worst, complete illusions.


      >From: "Mathew Morrell" <tma4cbt@...>
      >Reply-To: steiner@yahoogroups.com
      >To: steiner@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [steiner] Re: Gulags for Anthros?
      >Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 00:07:30 -0000
      >If they start censoring Steiner's lectures, don't fret. Start
      >uploading his censored material onto the Internet---and those teachings,
      >in turn, will become more available than they are now. In our time, the
      >Internet is our greatest weapon against totalitarian control of ideas.
      >To upload material onto the Internet:
      > * first scan the written material onto your computer * save it in
      >some document format, preferably as a pdf file. * find an Internet
      >hosting agent (register under an alias) * upload your document using
      >the Internet authoring software of your choice, such as Dreamweaver.
      >When they remove your Web page, upload the material again through
      >another hosting agent.
      >Now, as far as "saving" Anthro from totalitarianism, that's kind of an
      >oxymoron, isn't it? Maybe the Internet has warped my view of
      >Anthroposophy as a whole, but I really don't see any major political
      >conflicts arising anytime soon between the New World Order and
      >Anthroposophy. Nor can I envision the average Anthroposophist being
      >locked up in a re-education camp or a Gulag.
      >In fact, I see the opposite occuring. The New World Order and the
      >average Anthroposophist are in perfect agreement on so many issues (i.e.
      >gun control, immigration, the Fairness Doctrine) that the two spheres
      >almost seem to be an extension of one another. Anthroposophists should
      >stop flattering themselves with the idea that they're radical
      >intellectuals, when quite the opposite is true.

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