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4500Re: Gulags for Anthros?

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  • christopherraymond_bio
    Jul 29, 2007
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      Dear Mathew,

      Dr. Steiner said there was a Conspiracy against the Holy Spirit and
      Christ. I believe that in order to have this come about, it is a
      required fact that some "spill over" into the material world as
      Conspiracies will appear. And I appreciate Robert's link on the
      revisionist history also, because even though I tend to keep these
      matters separate from spiritual ideas and concepts, they are often
      closely linked together.

      For example, I know this 'new' member of the Anthroposophical Movement
      who considered NOT paying income tax several years ago. He is aware
      that under International Admiralty Maritime Law or "Roman Cannot Law",
      or "law of the open waters", that contract provisions are in place
      that force "Citizens" to pay income tax. However under Common Law or
      Civil Law, which is based upon the Bill of Rights and the Constitution
      of America, or the Canadian Charter of Rights, there is NO LAW
      requiring one to pay income tax. To this VERY day, No-one can show
      YOU the law.

      Common law and Civil Law, which is really the "law of the land" is
      nearly the same in both Canada and in the "united states of America".
      Notice that the "UNITED STATES" is today spelled in 'CAPPS' as a
      corporation and this is not known to most people why that is so.
      However, to become a "non-citizen" and to return yourself to a
      sovereign American or Canadian, is not something that many people are
      knowledgeable enough to do. This has also much to do with why on the
      bottom of your birth certificate it now says, Canadian Bank Note, or
      Treasury Bond, in very tiny print. Even a soldier, or a GI, (as in
      GI-JOE) is short for "General Issue" or a "Bank Note". That is why,
      it was once optional to fill out an income tax form. Now it is
      illegal to file for an amount less than what the government assumes
      you made for that period on your income tax return. Keep in mind also,
      that not one penny of Income Tax goes toward paying off any debt, or
      to the poor, or even to the government! The Income Tax we pay goes
      straight into the hands of the type of dictators who the Founding
      Fathers opposed during the Revolution. They opposed it with blood. I
      do not want to see a Restoration occur in America; even the words of
      Edgar Cayce, were about protecting the Constitution of America and
      what happened in Germany will not happen in America.

      I recall the words of President George Washington regarding the
      colonists having gladly paid a few more pennies tax on tea but to be
      forced to pay an un-apportioned tax on your labor, and a tax without
      representation, is tyranny. It is a tax that Kings place upon
      servants and NOT free men.

      That person is me. I decided to look into this matter further and
      upon much reflection, I've decided I will keep paying income tax for
      now because the government is so corrupt and evil today, that they are
      not even following the very rules that they themselves put in place
      and used to follow. I could go on for days into more detail here but
      the point is, if they had a Trojan Horse in the days of Troy, or a
      back door, then how can we ignore having a decent firewall?


      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Mathew Morrell" <tma4cbt@...> wrote:
      > Mr. Mason wrote:
      > > [The inner circle of New World Order] understand
      > > that Anthroposophy is a serious obstacle to their
      > > aims, however insignificant and muddled Anthropo-
      > > sophists may appear to be on the physical plane.
      > > [brackets mine]
      > I'll at least accept the possibility that you're seeing
      > something in the heart of Anthroposophists that I cannot see.
      > You're a bright person. Maybe you're right and Anthroposophy is
      > a world-force around the globe capable of intimidating the New World
      > Order. Where as I see a movement riddled with neurosis, I'm open to
      > the possibility that there is a silent majority out there that I
      > haven't encountered who have the spiritual wisdom to illuminate the
      > world. Maybe they're the ones capable of bringing a new vision of
      > Christ to the 21st century, as mainstream Christianity atrophies and
      > dies.
      > That is the worst nightmare scenario of the New World Order---an
      > illuminated Christian Church, empowered by occultism, spiritualized by
      > God, saved by Jesus Christ, our Lord.
      > When Anthroposophists are tired of dicking around with their asinine
      > conspiracy theories, their rabid anti-Semitism, and their sickening
      > hatred of the United States, wake me up and I'll pick up my sword.
      > Until then, you guys are on your own.
      > --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, Robert Mason <robertsmason_99@>
      > wrote:
      > >
      > > To Mathew Morrell, who wrote:
      > >
      > > >>If they start censoring Steiner's lectures,
      > > don't fret. Start uploading his censored
      > > material onto the Internet---and those
      > > teachings, in turn, will become more available
      > > than they are now. In our time, the Internet is
      > > our greatest weapon against totalitarian
      > > control of ideas.<<
      > >
      > > Robert writes:
      > >
      > > Just about all of Steiner's writings and
      > > lectures are already on the Net in German, and
      > > a good deal of them in English at the eLib.
      > > But the would-be totalitarians are already
      > > exploring ways to shut down the Internet. So
      > > far, it seems, their main ploy has been to
      > > flood it with disinformation.
      > >
      > > Matthew wrote:
      > >
      > > >>. . . . Now, as far as "saving" Anthro from
      > > totalitarianism, that's kind of an oxymoron,
      > > isn't it? Maybe the Internet has warped my view
      > > of Anthroposophy as a whole, but I really don't
      > > see any major political conflicts arising
      > > anytime soon between the New World Order and
      > > Anthroposophy. Nor can I envision the average
      > > Anthroposophist being locked up in a re-
      > > education camp or a Gulag. In fact, I see the
      > > opposite occuring. The New World Order and the
      > > average Anthroposophist are in perfect
      > > agreement on so many issues (i.e. gun control,
      > > immigration, the Fairness Doctrine) that the
      > > two spheres almost seem to be an extension of
      > > one another. Anthroposophists should stop
      > > flattering themselves with the idea that
      > > they're radical intellectuals, when quite the
      > > opposite is true.<<
      > >
      > > Robert writes:
      > >
      > > That's an interesting perception of the
      > > "average" Anthro, and maybe you have more
      > > experience on which to base it than I have. I
      > > suppose to some extent, at least, it's true.
      > > Anthros are only people, and most people have
      > > the outlook that is normal in the society
      > > around them. When people come to Anthroposophy
      > > they usually bring some of the "normal"
      > > prejudices with them. It's an individual
      > > matter as to how much the encounter with
      > > Anthroposophy will make the Anthro into a
      > > "radical intellectual", to use your phrase.
      > >
      > > Nevertheless, Anthroposophy itself is very much
      > > at odds with the prevailing materialistic
      > > worldview, and those Powers That Be (those in
      > > the inner circles) know this fact very well,
      > > and they understand that Anthroposophy is a
      > > serious obstacle to their aims, however
      > > insignificant and muddled Anthroposophists may
      > > appear to be on the physical plane.
      > >
      > > Therefore, just having any connection with
      > > Anthroposophy might well put someone on the
      > > arrest list, or the extermination list.
      > > Picture this: The black-clad, ski-masked,
      > > body-armored SWAT team is kicking in the door,
      > > shooting the dog, and hauling the startled,
      > > unarmed Anthro into the paddy wagon. Do you
      > > suppose it would do him any good to protest,
      > > "No, no; I believe in open borders. I'm for
      > > gun control. I love the U.N., I really do." --
      > > ?Hm?? Do you think that the steroid-pumped
      > > HiGs would relent and release the "terrorist"?
      > > Or do you suppose that the magistrate, if there
      > > be any magistrates or *habeus corpus* left in
      > > the NWO, would appreciate the PC-ness of the
      > > "average Anthro" and let him go on his merry
      > > way?
      > >
      > > Maybe, maybe . . . . But maybe not. If the NWO
      > > comes down, is it gonna come down as hard as
      > > the Power That Be would like it to, or would
      > > there be some restraint? That's kinda the
      > > question I was asking, and asking whether
      > > traditional American respect for freedom would
      > > yet impose that restraint more than in Europe.
      > > But I don't much doubt that the Powers That Be
      > > would like to exterminate anyone who has any
      > > real appreciation of Anthroposophy.
      > >
      > > I appreciate your take on the "average" Anthro;
      > > I wonder whether anyone has taken a poll?
      > >
      > > Robert Mason
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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