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4479Cyanide poisoning...?

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  • christopherraymond_bio
    Jul 10, 2007
      Dear Seekers,

      In his article:

      Bondarev touches upon Cyanide and the negative effects of this
      susbtance on the Soul of Man. Peter Tradowosky, I believe, has also
      touched upon this matter. Another link may be found here:

      However, I am providing you the exact quote from Bondarev, found in
      the first link:

      "It is known that poisoning by cyanide not only kills the body but,
      as it were, bursts apart the human soul, thereby extinguishing a part
      of the spiritual force of the sun and with it the physical existence
      of our planetary system. Even individual cases of death by cyanide
      shake the cosmos. 6 million such victims is a challenge to Heaven, to
      which there would be without fail a response, the minimum expression
      of which would be a global ecological catastrophe. Such an argument
      can only be understood if one studies spiritual science seriously and
      thoroughly." [p. 166 & supplement #3] "

      I'm unable to locate the orignal material stemming from Rudolf
      Steiner. I am seeking the proper context in which we are to
      correctly under this death by cyanide. Please correct me if I am
      mistaken friends, but is this idea not "slightly reactionary" being
      that it is unlikely for anything to destroy the Soul?

      Anyone come across this lecture on Cyanide before?

      Opinions in the matter are appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.
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