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4453Re: Introduction to Anthroposophy #3: Nutrition

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  • Jenny
    Jun 12, 2007
      and i *loved* Ayn Rand, as a teenager. I found her unreadable as
      an adult.
      > ******She appeals to people who feel they have a lot of talent but
      are not being 'allowed' to be themselves---in other words, to the
      choleric in us, which we especially feel as teens.
      > Actually, if she hadn't stopped short at a certain point, she
      would have found her way to spiritual science; and her work,
      Nietzchean though it is expressed, has many points of contact with
      anthroposophy. She experienced the human spirit but never broke
      through to experiencing the spiritual world THROUGH that.
      Her 'Objectivism' is still useful for people who need to have a
      stronger sense of self---but is not good for any who have too strong
      a one already!
      > Dr. Starman

      Hello, Dr. Starman and All!

      Forgive me for bringing up an old post, but I found this view of Ayn
      Rand to be fascinating. It has been my understanding that
      Objectivists are Atheists based on the idea that "reality precedes
      consciousness" -- hence there can be no God. Objectivists claim that
      one cannot be both a Christian and an Objectivist. I would be very
      interested to learn where Objectivism meets Anthroposophy and how Ayn
      Rand "got it wrong".

      Thank you so much!

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