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4424Fred Leuchter Jr., alias Mr. Death

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  • Mathew Morrell
    Jun 2, 2007

      **  As far as responding to the recent posts, I'll get around to them when I can depending on my schedule this week.  First I want to share a little something.


      I downloaded a documentary from google videos about a fellow who has the ghoulish job of engineering and designing execution rooms.  In the process of filming the documentary, the fellow shows a fascinating series of photographs of an electric chair that he reconstructed in the basement of his home. Barely perceptible in the photograph were phantom-like images hovering in the immediate space surrounding the chair, which was old, wooden and previously belonged to a Tennessee correctional facility---if I remember correctly.  The images in the photographs appear to be ghosts and have the distinct appearance of holographic faces floating in the etheric realm. 


      If they're real, how did the faces get there?  Perhaps the following passage by Rudolph Steiner might shed some light on this matter. 


      "If you construct a machine, you have laid the spirit that is part of you, into that machine; the actual machine does, of course, perish and become dust; not a trace of it will survive. But what you have done, what you have achieved, passes into the very atoms and does not vanish without a trace. Every atom bears a trace of your spirit and will carry this trace with it."


      "The Work of Secret Societies in the World"




      The documentary itself can be found by clicking the following link.  Just be warned that the fellow being filmed in the documentary is, although good natured, a rather lucre warm holocaust denier with a very weak devotion to the scientific method.  A great little show, albeit macabre. 




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