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  • carynlouise
    May 15, 2007
      (My apologies if it seems im flooding the board!)

      Sir George Trevelyan & Edward Matchett `Twelve Seats at the Round
      Table' Zodiac Development Exercise


      Undifferentiated Receptivity

      Purpose of exercise: Learning to put all of life's experiences to
      more positive and meaningful use.

      `Little Jack Horner
      Sat in a corner,
      Eating his Christmas pie.
      He put in his thumb
      And pulled out a plum,
      And said, What a good boy am I'

      Jack Horner seems a little overpleased with himself, but nothing of
      significance can be achieved without collecting and valuing the
      fruits of the past, and making them secure for further use. It is
      particularly important that the highlights of one's experiences and
      attainments become the stepping stones to new levels of endeavour and

      Reflect on your whole range of life experiences and attainments and
      choose twenty or so moments from this whole pageant of life, when you
      were conscious of a greater richness of content, a higher level or
      quality of insight and/or attainment than at other times. Hopefully
      certain of these moments will be associated with actual personal
      achievements, but it is neither necessary nor desirable that all of
      them should be.

      Discriminate very carefully, replacing some potential candidates with
      others until you possess a mental snap-shot album of twenty items
      that you believe to be especially important. In making your final
      selection take care that these memories are not all of one kind.
      They should be a balanced feast of the fruits of life.

      Having made your selection dwell on them long and often. Write down
      your thoughts and feelings about these matters and keep extending the
      depth of detail and the intimacy of observation. Do not concern
      yourself with how this material is to enter into new creations that
      you will produce. Simply select your fruit and let it find it's own
      way into the `Christmas pudding'.

      Whenever you decide to repeat this exercise, make a determined effort
      to locate examples and aspects of your work and experiences where
      some new `high' has been savoured, especially where this is in an
      altogether new direction. But do not then neglect the earlier
      treasures. Simply process these further until you gain yet further
      insights concerning them, and a renewed sense of their importance and
      value. Always take care to continue the processing until there is a
      clear knowledge of what you are valuing.

      Taurus's contribution to the Round Table-

      Intelligent Openness, to self, to other people, the total problem
      situation and whole range of life-experiences to find help, energy
      and inspiration for the task in hand. No experience is too
      insignificant and no realm too vast, exalted or obscure to be
      obtained in the work which this knight has to perform.

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