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  • carynlouise
    May 14 11:53 PM
      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "Durward Starman" <DrStarman@...> wrote:

      *******Yes, it's a typo, Feb. 2. And the 25th date is because some
      people later found out the 27th was the day Steiner was baptized, so
      they figured he must have been born a few days earlier: but actually he
      was so weak when born that they gave him an emergency baptism the same
      day. He cast his chart himself and had the 27th as the day. 13 degrees
      Scorpio rising, by the way. As anyone could tell by the eyes and
      eyebrows. The North Node takes about a year and a half to go around the
      zodiac, so it's in the same sign for a month and a half.

      Dr. Starman



      Thanks for clarity on Rudolf Steiner's birth date. Goethe is also
      Scorpio rising - the Eagle :)

      What a glorious day the 27th Feb 1861 was that this humble but
      magnificent man Rudolf Steiner was born.


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