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  • Mathew Morrell
    May 6, 2007
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      *  We should probably be careful when attaching the word energy to Etheric, since it would be easy to associate etheric energy with other types of energy, such as magnetic energy, which operates freely and explicitly of the mind; when it is not this kind of energy at all.  Etheric energy isn't energy in the Newtonian sense of the word.  You can't package Etheric energy into fragmented mathematic symbols the way you would the forces represented by the Conservation of Energy Theorem.  We can, however, mathematically quantify kinetic energy or potential energy or rotational momentum and squeeze them into the CE Theorem (mgh + 1/2mvsquare + 1/2Iwsquare =  mgh + 1/2mvsquare + 1/2Iwsquare). 

      *  Lately I've been devoting much of my reading time to the study of viruses.  From a spiritual science perspective, they are astonishing little creatures.  Viruses seem to have no soul of their own and look oddly "empty" inside under a telescope, having few internal structures other than strands of DNA which they ghoulishly inject into host cells.  Technically, viruses are obligate intracellular parasites.  They occupy a foggy gray zone between life and nonlife in the sense that they're biologically inert; they cannot replicate themselves through meiosis or mitosis, and cannot generate their own energy, ATP (andosine triphosphate).  They're creepy, skeletal, almost spider-like forms that float around the body seeking life, which they themselves apparently do no possess.    Here is a link to a Web page showing a picture of the bacteriophage T4 virus.  Check it out.


      *  My French courses in high school might come in handy, after all.  Viva la Nicolas Sarkozy!  This is a person who knows where liberalism and socialism has taken The West---into the ABYSS.  Let's see if we can climb out.

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