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4312Mat's Running Diary

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  • Mathew Morrell
    May 1, 2007
      Really, the art of running is learning to control the etheric body:
      that clear, transparent sheath, most closely connected to the
      physical, which is the embodiment of our life force. As runners, we
      learn to adjust the etheric aura, fine tune it according to how much
      force we need and, more importantly, where we need it. For, such is
      its nature, it is a servant of the will.

      When a person awakens in the morning his etheric body is loosely
      connected to the physical embodiment, which is why we feel groggy and
      detached when rolling out of bed at 6 AM; still dimly connected to
      the dream realms. The first task of the runner is to rid himself of
      this feeling, this diffuse, disassociated, watery, lethargic feeling
      that permeates his consciousness upon awakening.

      He does this by merely putting his feet on the pavement and starting
      to run. With each passing minute the Etheric will naturally begin to
      harden around his body. The senses start to open and the air
      suddenly stirs with an invisible life force. Simultaneously his ego
      consciousness increases in proportion to how firmly the etheric aura
      draws into the physical; too tightly, and his strides look
      mechanical; too loosely and his legs feel like spaghetti under his

      With most people, waking up takes about fifteen minutes. This is the
      time it takes for the body to realize that it is running, that it
      needs to rise from its slumber and to adjust to the new orientation
      of the etheric and astral bodies. On the biological level the body
      starts converting fat and triglycerides into mechanical energy.
      Before this point the body was burning glycogen, a type of sugar
      stored in the muscles; now the body starts feeding off its own fat
      reserves---materialized etheric energy. Not all of us are ascended
      Zen masters after all, who are capable of drawing energy directly
      from the Cosmos. Mortals need fat and muscle, as well.

      Between fifteen and forty-five minutes, most experienced runners
      settle down into a nice, even, moderate pace, well-balanced in mind
      and body and no longer permeated by lethargy. Here is in the prime
      middle ground---the reason why we love running. The air seems
      somehow cleaner and fresher in the Middle Ground, and the landscape
      has the vitality of a Van Gogh painting.

      Staying there, however, is tricky---as Van Gogh might attest. At a
      runner's maximum threshold, it becomes increasingly difficult to
      concentrate well enough to sustain the Middle Ground. Consequently
      a "runner's trance" descends upon the athlete, draining his senses of
      life and the world of color. Suddenly the air no longer breaths with
      a "hidden reservoir of power", but seems as run-down and exhausted as
      the athlete himself. The etheric body has dissipated to the extent
      that it no longer flows properly through the physical body; it is a
      pathetic trickle that must be renewed or regenerated if the runner is
      to safely continue.
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