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  • Durward Starman
    Mar 21, 2007
      *******One way to approach the "anthroposophic" perspective on Krishna,
      Christ and the other religions of the world is to read a book published
      beofre Steiner created anthroposophy, "The Great Initiates" by the French
      poet and mystic Eduard Schure. When Steiner published his first book on
      religion, Christianity As Mystical Fact and the Mysteries of Antiquity (in
      1902), he referred to it as being from the same source as Schure's earlier
      book, which describes how the founders of all world religions were initiates
      into the same truth and experienced the same spirit-world, but put their
      religions into different forms for their time and place. The first two
      chapters of Schure's book are on Rama and Krishna.

      All too often, people seek to conceal a hatred of Christianity and wish
      to tear it down behind a veneer of 'multiculturalism' and 'appreciation of
      other religions'. The Theosophists of Steiner's time and since certainly did
      so. True initiates always recognize the centrality of the Christ, and the
      earlier religions as stepping-stones to His Mission, not things separate
      from or superior to it. Edgar Cayce, for example, said in his readings that
      the Being we call Christ was the impelling force behind all religions:
      Yogananda recognized the Christ although an Eastern yogi.

      Steiner's point of view is that the modern initiate can appreciate and
      recognize the various world religions and classify them just we classify
      kingdoms of nature or steps in evolution. You put it very well, Caryn.

      Dr. Starman (writing from the Virgin Islands)


      P.S. Welcome back, Sheila.

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      >Subject: [steiner] Re: Krishna and The Bagavad Gita
      > > Dear Caryn and all Members,
      > >
      > > I so very rarely post to the List I am sure no one recalls me, but
      >that is not important. I was interested in the mention of Krishna.
      > > I have a rather small book by Rudolf Steiner entitled "The Bagavad
      >Gita and The Epistles of Paul" - as you recall, Krishna plays an
      >important part in "The Bagavad Gita".
      > >
      > > Regards,
      > >
      > > Sheila
      >Hi Sheila
      >Thanks for your comment on my comment. I respect and appreciate what
      >you say. I have not read Rudolf Steiner's 'the Bagavad Gita and the
      >Epistles of Paul' and would dearly like to hear more about it. I
      >will do a search in the meantime. I sincerely did not want to offend
      >this ancient path; Krishna is an enlightened person.
      >My opinion was based directly on the post I read under that group and
      >my comments here are based on my understanding of Rudolf
      >Steiner's 'the polarities of evolution : east and west'. The move
      >from the sense/sensual meditation to the intellectual Ego meditation.
      >Both important in the evolution of mankind.
      >The sense/dream development stage living in and with the spritual
      >world called the distant old moon stage. Later the manifestation of
      >the individual logic and intellectual developed in the old sun stage
      >and important to discern the sense-pictures, the remanence of the old
      >moon stage, when it arises. This discernment is done through the Ego.
      >It was/is important in the development of the human to break out of
      >the collective old moon stage into the individual sun stage in order
      >for the Ego to develop intectually and individually. To be one part
      >of the whole and not collective-consciousness part of the collective
      >Without the individual intellect of the Ego the state of collective-
      >consciousness arises as it was in the distant old Moon stage. This
      >stage, equally important in human development, perceived itself to be
      >part of nature and nature to be part of itself. However, when the
      >time was right to develop further ie the Ego; certain entities did
      >not want to let go of this dream like stage.
      >During the old Sun stage the newest member to our spritual body - the
      >Ego - was developed. Within this the Ego individually and intectually
      >perceives outside of itself and with this the perception the Christ
      >Impulse as the oneness of collective consciousness which in turn is
      >perceived inwardly.
      >The ancient path of the Bagavad Gita is honourable and very calming
      >for the soul in the hands of a strong Ego.
      >The intectually developed Ego aware of dream-like influences; that is.
      >Please comment again Sheila and if the other members would like to
      >comment as well.
      >Best regards
      >Dear Caryn and List Members,
      >First I must apologize for my spelling error of Bagavad, which is spelled
      >"The Bhagavad Gita and the Epistles of St. Paul" is a series of 5 lectures
      >Steiner gave in Cologne Dec 28, 29, 30 and 31, 1912 and January 1, 1913. My
      >copy is the 1945 edition. As with all of Steiner's teachings these
      >lectures are all-encompassing, bringing seemingly isolated and diverse
      >time-spans and events into a Whole with a resulting meld illustrating the
      >cohesiveness of mankind's evolution upon Earth as well as in the Spiritual
      >World. These resulting panoramic truths are beyond my ability to consense.
      >I would hope one would be stimulated to ponder through these lectures as we
      >must ponder our way through all of Steiner's work in order to hopefully
      >reach some understanding of Anthroposophy itself.
      >Warm Regards,

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