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  • thepathofthesunflower
    Mar 19, 2007
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      Agreed. If I may post again my first post here;

      Rudolf Steiner : Lecture Stuttgart, 14 November 1920:

      Rudolf Steiner called this Technizismen – Technicisms `Products of
      Technology' further defined as demonic elemental powers in

      He foresaw human work stepping back and directing the actual work
      done by machines. As happening; in the early 1900, 79 million `horse
      power years' of energy were produced in Germany (the country has
      nothing to do with the subject, Steiner although born in Austria
      lived in Germany and gave most of his lectures there btw Hitler
      actually tried to bump Steiner off) These energies were controlled
      by humans, but in fact derived from machines.

      The energies expended in work are measured in units based on the work
      a horse does in a year. Germany was producing 79 million horse power
      years of machine energy per year. What does this really mean? It
      shows in comparison with the population figure for Germany that on
      average every single individual in Germany had a horse by his side.
      This means the inhabitants of Germany did so much work in the field
      of technology having a horse work for him all year long. The
      population then was @79 million and the energy used was 79 million
      horse power years. The work done by machines, all kinds of machines,
      therefore had the same effect as if every individual had a horse to
      work for him.

      When war broke out the horse power energy more than doubled and these
      energies were becoming quite independent of human beings. A point
      had been reached where human brains had created something outside
      themselves causing the forces of destiny to be surrendered to the
      powers that were active in the objects they themselves had produced.
      What is alive in those forces that work for them day by day? Look at
      these influences very carefully ..

      Before technology people looked at the phenomena in the world in such
      a way they perceived a certain number of elemental beings – this is
      called `superstition' nowdays. However, we know elemental `spirits'
      are indeed active in the phenomena of nature. Today people only see
      dry-as-dust prosaic natural phenomena.

      The modern intellectual approach that we call a scientific attitude
      came into being and within a relative short time humans became to
      depend upon machine `energy' just as formerly it had depended on
      natural phenomena. These machine forces and energies also exist and
      take effect independent of human beings, just as the forces of nature
      are independent of human beings. Rudolf Steiner called these demon
      elemental powers; Ahriman powers.

      He said today's `enlightened' minds will consider it superstitious to
      look for spiritual powers in technology and he said they have not the
      least idea that demonic spirits are active in the whole world of
      technology created by the human race. They work at an unconscious
      level, taking hold of the unconscious mind.
      Steiner said that human beings will not be inclined to accept this.
      In the first place those things are at an unconscious level and in
      the second place people feel it would superstitious to say demonic
      spirits are active in the machines they have produced. They are
      active nevertheless and it is said it is happening at a fast pace.
      And acts on the human will.

      The intellectualism of modern science does not enable people to gain
      immediate conscious awareness of the will. The danger is the
      Ahrimanic world will take hold of the human will and human beings
      will completely lose their bearings.

      Steiner follows this lecture with the Christ event. The Christ event
      that will happen in the first half of the 20th century to give human
      beings their bearings. The nature of the Christ event will be such
      that more people will be having objective experiences and will know
      that the Etheric Christ is walking on Earth. If people come to know
      this Christ power, if they let it enter into them they will find the
      right way of dealing with the forces of influence that come from the
      Ahrimanic powers.

      The greatest problem of our time is that people will slide into the
      Ahrimanic sphere without the support of the Christ force. When we
      speak of the Christ force we are speaking of something very concrete
      and positive that is entering into human evolution in the 20th

      -- Rudolf Steiner could see how technology was going to rapidly
      increase trying to make our spritual intellect dormant.
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