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  • My2Cents
    Mar 17, 2007
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      Bravo, Mathew. It seems to me Steiner very heavily stresses thinking in his "The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity" as well as in many of his works!



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      Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2007 04:27:38 -0000
      Subject: [steiner] Thinking

      Not right now, but perhaps 100 or 200 years in the future, the
      explosion of technology in artificial intelligence will force the
      spiritual community to confront the issue of thinking. What is it?
      Does it have any value? Will we be better off sacrificing our human
      thinking to computer technology capable of performing certain mental
      tasks with greater power and efficiency?

      So much of the spiritual training at the Ranch was geared toward the
      elimination of thinking, i.e. prolonged meditations that would last
      for days ala Billy Bayber, resulting in the loss of selfhood,
      psychological disassociation, lessened will power, and depression.
      The mind, consequently, became blunted like a dull pencil in need of

      Not only at the Ranch, but in the New Age community at large,
      thinking is demonized. Thinking is seen as something that
      hinders "oneness" with the cosmos, and should be eliminated.

      Rudolph Steiner, on the other hand, valued thinking and repeatedly
      stated it wasn't a barrier, but rather is the very essence of
      spirituality: the formless movement of consciousness. Our task
      isn't the annihilation of consciousness; it is to make our thinking
      stronger, clearer, more acute and more penetrating. In that way
      we're capable of seeing beyond the illusionary forms of reality that
      trick us into believing that the earth is hell, that life stinks, and
      that only the loss of selfhood leads to happiness and enjoyment.

      We can assume that the direction that the New Age community is moving
      in respect to thinking is in the opposite direction, away from a
      spiritualized vision of thinking and toward the extinction of
      thought. Computer technology will eventually make this goal of
      theirs very much possible

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