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  • thepathofthesunflower
    Mar 2, 2007
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      This is an example of internet 'new age' cosmology

      "the son of god did not wish us to get the wrong impression that he
      was the only son of god and that therefore his love was greater while
      we were of the lessor. he wished to say we are all the sons and
      daughters of god as one. the father is in us because we cannot be
      separated from the cosmic matter of which our being utilizes and his
      the same. we are now potentualizing as promised, so that he does not
      have to be the "only" son of god. He doesn't want to carry all that
      weight anymore and needs us to awaken the masses away from the
      churches lies".

      Written by a 57 year old women who brainwashes the minds of young
      posters into believing Christ 'was just an ordinary man'. She
      craftly twists truth with copy tactics and the younger set think she
      is very cool. She also believes she has a pre-signed contract with
      aliens and if you ask them nicely 'they won't operate on you'. She
      also says the only good thing about the Bible is we will be able to
      do miracles.

      Aaah I cannot stand it, I have got to the point I feel like picking
      up my laptop and smashing it against the wall because of the above
      trash. It was the only other forum I wrote on besides this one and
      have decided - let the blind lead the blind - I'm out of there. I
      think the internet is a cesspool for propaganda brainwash.

      Someone once remarked the Library of Alexandria is now on the
      internet - and it made me think of a certain writing I came across in
      a book 'the time will come when only the truth will be spoken'.

      How long do we have to suffer this kind of trash on the internet, I

      Indeed, the sacred site of Solomon's Temple has squatters on it.
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