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4194A fragment from Billy Bayber's lost diary

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  • Mathew Morrell
    Feb 26, 2007
      "A new breed of human is about to be born---the Sorathian: a type of
      transhuman mechanically enhanced by computer technology for the
      purpose of obtaining mental capacities otherwise impossible to
      achieve through the natural birth process. The neuro-chip
      implantation surgeries, that produce Sorathians, systematically
      replace organic brain and body parts with specially designed computer
      hardware, euphemistically called "wetware". Working within natural
      enzymes of the physical body, this biological hardware produces
      mental supermen. The surgery is long and grueling, however, lasting
      as long as two weeks, and can result in the destruction of the
      physical body.

      "I witnessed a surgery in trance, out-of-body, and observed each
      individual step performed by the doctors. The process was
      fascinating and macabre. Before surgery the patient ingests a drug
      that suspends bodily functions; respiration, heart rate, and brain
      wave patterns seize. Within seconds the patient begins to cough as
      though choking, enters into a brief state of physical agony, then
      goes unconscious. Essentially he enters into a kind of death

      "Showing no vital signs, the patient hovers dimly in his etheric aura
      during the surgery. Spiritually he exists in a state of limbo, only
      dimly aware of his physical existence when the doctors use a laser
      device to "saw" through his cranium. They then begin to remove the
      brain from its saline pool in the skull: The brain stem is severed,
      and the brain placed in an electro magnetic vacuum filled with red
      gaseous molecules---nanobots. The nanobots are intelligently-guided
      atoms capable of integrating millions of infinitesimally small
      biochips into the brain.

      "Meanwhile the body is cannibalized in a green, bubbling, liquid
      saline solution; clinically dead, floating naked in the saline, the
      body is a mere corpse. The saline simply prevents the cells of the
      corpse from decomposing.

      "The individual who once occupied the body exists in free space.
      Through clairvoyant perception it is possible to see the soul of the
      individual hovering in the etheric realm; he looks like a vague
      blotch of brightness aglow within a receding depth. It is imperative
      that the soul remain earthbound within the etheric sheath of the
      physical world during the entire implantation process. Re-absorption
      into the cosmic ether means that the soul was unable to retain this
      earthbound connection, and the surgery will have been a failure.
      Candidates are specifically chosen for their ability to withstand re-
      absorption and to remain in a disembodied state indefinitely.

      "In the vacuum chamber, the grafting of microchips is performed by
      nanotechnology working on the atomic level. Sections of the frontal
      lobe, the reticular formation, and the pineal gland are virtually re-
      created and appear almost metallic by the time the nanobots finish
      grafting. The pituitary becomes a platinum pyramidal shaped
      structure, a little smaller than the size of a dime, but possessing
      the unfathomable power to channel 5.5 mT of coded thought. This is
      several million times the processing power of our most powerful
      computers today, or roughly similar to the analog computing power of
      the natural brain.

      "The brain is replaced into the skull and more nanobots are deployed
      to re-link the nerve endings severed when the brain was first
      dislodged from the brain stem. Once alive, the body itself is
      capable of repairing what little cellular and nerve damage was caused
      by the grafting surgeries. Whether the patient survives the trance
      and awakens within the saline is almost entirely dependent upon the
      patient's ability to make the transition from the etheric state to a
      material state. Some are unable. They squirm and flog uselessly in
      the saline, then grow still and die. Those that live achieve
      Sorathian status.

      "Sorathians are not to be confused with genetically engineered humans
      born superior; Sorathians were made superior through mechanical
      technology. Before being implanted with micro processors these
      people possessed normal bodies that performed all the necessary
      functions; they ate and drank to acquire nourishment; expelled urine
      and fesses; and they think using a brain unaided by mechanically-
      generated frequencies. It isn't until they digitalize their mind and
      body that they achieve the physical and mental traits that define the
      Sorathian: extreme intelligence, clairvoyant perception,
      consciousness of the dead, physical superiority. The neurological
      implants that are placed in their brains are capable of storing,
      analyzing, and gathering data flowing into the brain through the

      "As far as producing thought, their perception of the external world
      is limited to electro-encephalographic wave patterns that alter the
      electrical state of the brain. The wave patterns are generated
      mechanically from remote locations or through the individual himself,
      from where he exists within the etheric sheaths surrounding the
      physical body. The Sorathian never totally re-enters the physical
      body after first entering the death trance. He is only loosely
      connected to his embodiment and lives as if in a permanent dream
      state, intimately connected to the awesome power of the subconscious
      mind. Think of the power!

      "To master this medical initiation is to master the wisdom of
      Ahriman, that great cosmic Serpent weaving and surging through
      infinite celestial space; it is to shine in the brilliance of his
      million-gleaming scales; it is to think with the mental sharpness of
      his fangs; it is to live in the vitality of his poison. If you
      willingly sacrifice your humanity to Ahriman he'll share with you his
      cosmic genius.

      "I am an artist of time and space. My heart if filled with fantastic
      forces. Almost nobody, besides myself, in my epoch is evolved enough
      spiritually to undergo the tortures of cannibalization, and Dr Judah
      Sabur must know that. He must know that his research will only reach
      its ultimate conclusion, within his lifetime, through me, Billy
      Bayber, a man born before his time. Like Apostle Paul, I am an
      abortion of time, born premature in an age of cultural barbarism and
      seas of nihilistic waste. Surrounding me is the choking, un-
      breathable air of an age I hate and despise, and that hates and
      despises me. Few, very few, will ever desire to open that gate into
      that age where I most belong---beyond the Pentakotic Gateway."
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