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  • thepathofthesunflower
    Feb 1, 2007
      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, Cheeseandsalsa@... wrote:
      > When Steiner was going to speak for the German theosophical society
      in 1922
      > May 17 on the "Vitalization of thought" the Thule society mock
      stormed the
      > place. They turned out the electricity and let off stink bombs and
      > crackers pandomonium broke loose fist fights too. I just can't
      imagine being
      > there. That would be so frieghtening! Poor Steiner but he was
      aware of the
      > Nationalist party using the same building and refused to cancel
      his lecture. So
      > yeah, the story was published in the New York times. Chantel
      > "A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on
      > defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual
      death." MLK
      > Jr.
      Hi Nina, Chantel, Franky and all

      Thanks for the replies and this information Chantel. I agree, what a
      time for RS to live. Nina when you mentioned Swastika I immediately
      thought about the book I have 'Nos - Book of the Resurrection' Miguel
      Serrano 1984. A hermetic autobiography based on Nietzsche's eternal
      return. It is one of the most romantic metaphysic books I have read;
      as Miguel writes about Him/Her and He projected Her out of Him to see
      Her and this seperated them and forever they search for one another.
      Interesting Miguel also says he's permitted to reveal the Marital
      Initiation of A-Mor (his story).. because the ship has already come.

      Anyway, now in this book we find Thule and Thule or Ultima Thule is
      the Capital of Hyperborea. The crown chakra is also called Thule in
      the same book.

      Miguel also talks about the Swastika:

      The Lefthanded Swastika: The Swastika which begins the journey back
      to Hyperborea, the polar homeland and the Morning Star, Venus, the
      celestial point of origin of the semi-divine beings. The movement of
      return, towards the Golden Age, when the axis of the earth (the
      Pillar of Atlas, of Poseidon) was fixed on the Pole Star. Towards
      the First Earth, towards the Other Earth. The astral, parallel earth.

      The Righthanded Swastika: The rotatory movement which begins when
      the Golden Age is lost. Hyperborea is submerged and the Second Earth
      appears, together with the Age of Iron and the involution of
      Kaliyuga. It is the Swastika of the Exodus, with which Odin and Rama
      start on their pilgrimage once the primordial, Nuptial Homeland has
      been lost.


      The direction of the Righthanded Swastika, the one that turns
      according to the present earth's time and descends to the lowest
      depths of Kaliyuga. There, another Golden Age, or mirror-image of
      the one that disappeared with the Hyperborean Thule, was lost.

      But the sorceress Allouine, of the Odinic Order, prophesied that one
      day the descendants of the AEsir, led by the Great White Chief, would
      reconquer Asgard, reversing the exodus and the movement of the
      Righthanded Swastika, returning to the point of origin.

      Now, the followers of Nos (whom I don't know anything about except in
      this book) calls themselves the Loser who follow Lucifer. Loser's
      because defeated in a stellar battle and will also be the loser's in
      the Righthanded Swastika. Lucifer: He is Apollo, the God of Light
      and Beauty. He is also Abraxas and Quetzalcoatl, the Hyperborean,
      Atlantean solar Kristos. He came down from the Morning Star, Venus.
      Defeated in a stellar battle. His emblem is the Lefthanded Swastika,
      that of Return. He is the supreme Guide of the Pilgrims of the Dawn,
      the Morning Star, Oldin-Wotan. The Cathars called him Luci-Bel.

      So now how do we relate this to my understanding (sorry thinking
      aloud now)

      My understanding; Jesus Christ is the Evening and the Morning Star.

      Blavatsky's talks about the planet Luci-Bel blowing up (our current
      asteriod belt) .. I always think this song by the Eagles (was it the
      eagles?) And the sky exploded with a might crash as we fell into the
      sun and the first one said to the second one I hope you having fun ..
      is a memory of this.

      So, possibly the Fall is the inhabitants of Luci-Bel falling into
      Earth or Earth is part of the Planet.

      Now, this is a radical idea but I have noticed that untruths always
      seem to have this copy cat style of copying true literature but not
      quite understanding what they are copying because they of lower
      energies. For example, Hitler had the righthand swasika and the
      concept of the Arian race but totally corrupted and violent. A few
      other examples ...

      But I wonder about this all now .. Blavatsky did not recognise the
      Mystery of Gologotha. This Event is huge and it has been said the
      sign of truth is recognising Christ was born and did die on the Cross
      on Earth.

      Then maybe is the above Nos (reverse of Son) a whole fable invented
      by Luciferic influences and that's why it is so romantic??

      Well, bringing out the book brought back all these thoughts and
      ponders and wonder if anyone as any comments ... on Nietzche ...

      Thanks for listening to my thoughts.
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