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414Re: [steiner] To Love

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  • starmann77@aol.com
    Jan 2, 2001
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      > *******I'm surprised at two things in our 12 Nights study group online
      > the first is that no one commented on what Steiner said in Lecture 3 and
      > in Lecture 6 about the "I AM". So many people interested in the Spirit but
      > alienated from our dead Christian churches wind up reading Eastern stuff
      > says over and over that the Self is bad....
      mrgnsms@... writes:
      This is a good point you have here. I had the privilege of discussing this
      my 11th grade class where we compared Siddhartha with Ayn Rand's Anthem.
      the journey with Siddhartha and his path to Atman and then experiencing the
      lack of "I-dentification" :) in Anthem and Equality's discovery of the
      word (I) we had a great conversation regarding the nature and expression of
      ego. We looked at inventors and what drove them and how they followed a
      compulsion that flowed through them out into the world. They came up with
      great questions.
      Anthem is not Rand's best work but its message is clear.

      *******Yes, and I have always embraced both Objectivism and Libertarianism as
      well as Anthroposophy---and have been amazed at how many anthroposophists
      support socialism and anti-individualist philosophies, without seeing the
      contradictions. Good for you, using Anthem with young minds.

      >>Love and self-immolation are not compatible:

      > Then it seems to me that a mark of real love is that each will be made MORE
      > able to be their independent Self in the relationship, not less: each will
      > strengthen & support the other's individuality, not weaken it or tear it
      > There's how to recognize the real thing, then.


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