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4124Top 10 signs your wife is in the Ramtha cult

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  • Mathew Morrell
    Jan 25 11:59 PM
      10. At night you hear strange breathing exersizes, then find your
      wife lying unconscious on the floor suffering from

      9. Her new friend from Yelm has 38 room mates and lives in a two
      bedroom mobile home.

      8. She says there's enough room for 2 years supply of toilet paper
      in the underground bunker that you paid for, but not enough room for
      you when the bomb is dropped.

      7. She gives you music CDs in which you're unable to hear the

      6. Her breath smells like goat cheese and wine.

      5. The counter on her home page counts the number of days until the

      4. During a fight she tells you to go to the light at the end of the
      tunnel when you die.

      3. She only answers to the name Nefertitti.

      2. She says that you're an illusion and don't exist.

      And the number one sign your wife is in the Ramtha cult. . .

      1. The new Ramtha tattoo on her derriere.
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