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4119Re: Incarnations Of RS

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  • Nina
    Jan 24, 2007
      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "thepathofthesunflower"
      <thepathofthesunflower@...> wrote:
      > Also, I can hear what Brian is saying. It is related to the Dweller
      on the Threshold. To protect one from oneself within that is. The
      Tarot card the Hermit relates to this subject.
      > There is a message of a New Age to be told yes however at the same
      time delving into the spirit world unprepared is not for the faint-
      hearted - Or is it not? A tough subject to discuss .. maybe.
      Dear Caryn,
      To me, all spiritual science educational material aims to help us
      proceed and understand. It is not for the faint-hearted!
      Question a "revelation selection process" that is reluctant to
      identify the educational soul path that Dr. Steiner himself had
      revealed had been his own.(my assumption)
      How can we build on the work of this giant without this? Yes, well
      understand the role of personal experience in spiritual development.
      (St. Bernard comes to mind).
      Find it of practical importance. Selection carries the feeling of
      manipulation and control,for whatever "the reasons".
      Have "Sheer Joy" by Matthew Fox and look forward to reading about
      Thomas Aquinas. It is with that same spirit that I would research any
      other lives, as would I'm sure, Chantel, Starman, and you. NINA
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