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4091Re: 12 Holy Nights/ The Planets as Planes/Starman Marriage/2012 link

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  • Nina
    Jan 9, 2007
      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "thepathofthesunflower"
      <thepathofthesunflower@...> wrote:
      > Hi Starman
      > Congratulations! That is wonderful news.
      > Yes! Dr Steiner in making it clear he wanted to provide logical
      > spiritual science facts, which he did without a doubt, his work is
      a treasure of mystical fact!
      > forward to further writings on the Planet Planes.

      Dear Caryn,
      Be eager also for further writings and astrological thoughts.
      Celebration of Venusian influence! She must be very special.
      Starman's bio said he was single and not looking.
      How wonderful true love! NINA

      Interesting articles...
      One by Jay Weidner on "Alchemical Kubrick:The Great Work on Film" re-
      2001 Space Odyssey (shares how he feels Kubrik wanted to express
      that "film echoes the words of Zarathustra who taught of the great
      transformation from the mundane to the angelic." Steiner
      themes...technology, nature, auditory, astro, Jupiter mission, etc.
      Steiner not mentioned.
      Another of his with his wife on Lord of the Rings, plus other
      authors,like Jose Arguelles.
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