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4090Re: 12 Holy Nights/ The Planets as Planes

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  • thepathofthesunflower
    Jan 9 2:14 AM
      Hi Starman

      Congratulations! That is wonderful news - may you both be very happy
      sharing life together. And a pianist, that is lovely :)

      Thanks for the further information on the Planet Planes. Yes, I see
      this now how each Planet contributes to our living Now. Isn't it
      wonderful! And how Saturn gave us the mineral inclusion of our
      skeletons - this took eons of time. It is said the human body is the
      biggest mystery. :)

      Also we can see here the dimensions (the many mansions)this is why I
      feel when people say we are all One - it's not quite correct. To
      quote U2 'we one but we not the same'!

      I have a birthchart theory; seeing Uranus is my Ruling Planet, I
      think my Oversoul resides in Uranus (in this particular life) and
      when I sleep at night I go to Uranus. As I will when my physical body
      falls away. Re-conciling my make-up in the other Planets as well but
      ultimately residing in Uranus until my next life, if to be.

      Do you think this is a correct assumption to make?!

      Yes! Dr Steiner in making it clear he wanted to provide logical
      spiritual science facts, which he did without a doubt, his work is a
      treasure of mystical fact!

      Have you read Edgar Cayce's interpretation of Revelations? Here he
      likens our Glands to the Seven Churches.

      Well, no doubt you very busy getting ready for Saturday but look
      forward to further writings on the Planet Planes.

      Regards to you and your future partner.
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