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  • thepathofthesunflower
    Jan 8, 2007
      Happy New Year everyone - trust you had a good Christmas and happily
      saw 2007 in.

      Thanks for these writings Starman it is a wealth of information. Over
      this holiday time I re-read Occult Science and always feel I am with a
      friend, Dr Rudolf, when I do.

      What grasped my imagination was the future Jupiter state of the Earth
      when people will become (spiritualy)advanced they will become invisible.

      And I ponder with this invisible state, which seems different from the
      physical body death state, whether it is a state of overcoming physical
      death and with this do we in fact go anywhere .. keeping with the
      theory of dimensions .. all that has been and will be exists in one
      place/space including all the Planets and Zodiac constellations.

      The exterior Planets and the Stars we see are projections or manifested
      matter outlet of spiritualised activity. The interior realms of the
      Planets and Stars exists next to us, around us, under us and above us
      but most crucially within us?

      The Macrocosm and the Microcosm would be the expression for this.

      As the Doctor explains to us and as you wrote here Starman these past
      and future states (eg. old Saturn and old Moon) which we have gone
      through and will go through into the future Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan
      states are not the visible planets we see but possibly .. residue is
      the right word .. of these states.

      This means we are not going to jump over to Jupiter but Jupiter is
      going to come to us. It is our thoughts, feelings and will
      preparing/manifesting Jupiter to be activated correctly enough in
      taking interest in coming to us?

      Well my current ponder ..
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