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408012 Holy Nights Study-3

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  • Durward Starman
    Dec 27, 2006
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      ******* Here's a summary of Lecture 3 posted by a member of this group when
      we did the study 6 years ago. -starman

      Lecture III-The Mission of the Earth
      Steiner shines the light of Anthroposophy on the words of St. John
      stating that the word came before the Old Saturn period. It became Life for
      us when the Earth and Sun were one, it became the Light of our astral body
      when the Earth entered into the Old Moon period and we became separate from
      the sun "its light shining upon the earth rather than within it, and then,
      "a creature, like a kind of seed, comes over to the Earth from the ancient
      Moon and is now capable of saying,"I AM."

      Old Saturn-physical body Mineral/crystal
      Form of the human-the idea come to fruition in Sun incarnation.

      Old Sun-etheric body Plant
      Life infused into form; formation of the etheric body.
      Mission-To give birth(life) to the Earth as its own being.

      Old Moon-astral body Animal
      Living form infused with soul.
      Mission-to saturate the Earth with wisdom to be experienced in Earth phase
      of evolution.

      Earth-ego Human
      Human infused with identity-the "I AM."
      Mission-to saturate the Earth with love to be experienced in Jupiter phase.

      Jupiter-next period.

      There is a further breakdown of this stage of earthly evolution starting
      with the Lemurian period, then the Atlantean period, the Flood and our
      present state of existence.
      Steiner then goes into the difference in our state of being between the
      period in which we are awake where the "real inner human being"(the ego and
      the astral body) are in the physical world residing within the physical and
      ether bodies and availing itself to the benefits of the senses.
      (all 12 of course:) In the "Study of Man," Steiner says we do much in this
      period between sleeping and waking, comparing it to death when we are able
      to experience the spiritual world directly and work with our "higher self"
      to record the progress of the day.

      In the Lemurian period, contact with the physical and ether bodies is brief
      and we possessed a "dull clairvoyant consciousness". During the night, the
      spirit world was perceived much as we perceive in dreams today except that
      there was a clear meaning.
      He gives a very clear picture himself of how we 'knew' something; danger
      was a tangible thing-we used our instincts to 'know' if something was
      harmful to us; thus a lion was not 'known' to us as a given danger but
      rather experienced by us as potentially harmful through
      intuitive/instinctive perception.
      As we lost the capacity for clairvoyance we gained the ability to discern
      images in our 'waking' state.

      The purpose of our daytime experience of through the physical is to further
      our ability to see ourselves independently. When we possessed the "dull
      clairvoyance," we were to close to the divine spiritual consciousness and
      less self-aware. Without this awareness, we could not say to ourselves, "I
      Many have compared the idea of the collective consciousness shared among
      native peoples as a remnant of these times.

      The lecture now states the mission of the Earth stage; that of "cultivating
      the principle of love to its highest degree by the beings which are
      evolving upon it. ...When the Earth is at the end of its evolution, love
      should permeate it through and through."

      He then outlines the mission of the Old Moon period; that of infusing the
      Earth with divine wisdom for human beings to gradually acquire the knowledge
      of. This wisdom pervades the whole of nature. Our own inner wisdom has to
      be developed by degrees.
      So, as wisdom was developed upon Old Moon, love is being developed now.

      The future planetary condition, Steiner says, will be Jupiter. Those who
      will live upon Jupiter will find it pervaded with love as we find wisdom
      upon the Earth.

      He says something next that some might find shocking; "As a principle, all
      that men will discover in the course of the Earth's evolution is already
      present in nature." Our task is to give the Earth love in its most
      spiritualized form. This, he says, can only be achieved when we possess
      full self-consciousness and are "wholly independent."

      The question, "Of what does the Earth consist?" is posited. Steiner states
      that which we can see in our waking day-consciousness is an outer material
      manifestation of Divine-Spirituality.
      It is this invisible world that is the "Logos."
      Much like Plato's archetypes and Jung's use of this idea in his dream
      therapies, the Logos is the source of all that is. "Soul nature creates for
      itself an external body..."

      The physical body of the Logos appears especially in the sunlight much as
      our own physical bodies act as a vesture for our souls. Love streams down
      upon the Earth in sunlight.
      Our apprehension of it in our dream-state at the beginning helped prepare us
      for receiving this love in full waking consciousness. The beings of the Sun
      are so exalted that they can pour forth love upon the Earth.

      The diagram on page 53 illustrates in ancient times the Sun during the day
      shown down upon us from without. During the night, the Moon, which Steiner
      calls Jahve', (a perversion of the ihvh;Yud hay vav hay in case the Hebrew
      doesn't come through intact. Perversion as these the ineffable name was
      never meant for human lips to pronounce!) reflects down the force of matured
      wisdom of the Elohim into our subconscious. (kind of like how Perseus
      killed Medusa)

      When we had sufficiently evolved to be able to perceive the Logos with our
      Day-Consciousness, Christ Jesus incarnated the force of the six Elohim.
      With this incarnation of the Word made flesh, the mission of the Earth
      really began, all else was preparation. This event provided the quickening
      necessary for humanity's leap forward. It has progressed beyond the group
      mind that exists in native peoples and Steiner says existed in the Jewish
      people because of the blood-tie. That they weren't capable of saying "I AM"
      only "We are."
      The initiates (apostles) felt themselves united with the Father , the
      primeval foundation of the world.

      Blessings on these Holy Nights.


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