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4057past incarnations of RS

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  • Robert Mason
    Dec 17, 2006
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      To "Starman", who wrote:

      >>Dr. Steiner told his close pupils privately
      that he had indeed been Thomas Aquinas, who in
      turn was the reincarnation of Aristotle, whom
      Aquinas was the major interpreter of. He also
      identifed [sic] both as later incarnations of
      one of the semi-legendary characters from the
      Epic of Gilgamesh, I believe the one called

      Robert writes:

      Of course I have seen this story before, I
      think from Prokofieff, and it does make some
      sense to me, but I don't know the origin of the
      story. I had the impression that some of
      Steiner's pupil pieced the story together from
      some of Steiner's remarks about the karma of
      Ita Wegman, and when asked he didn't deny it.
      If Steiner did say all this explicitly, I'd be
      very interested to see the quote and the

      Robert Mason

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