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4052Re: GWT to be expelled?

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  • Mathew Morrell
    Dec 15, 2006
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      >....tried your East West but page not available).

      All pages associated with www.kcpost.net are down for now, including
      East Meets West. This weekend some time, I'll cut and past all the
      essays in E.M.W. and post them in our group files so every one can
      have access to that information. My Web server company was charging
      me what I think was a bit too much money and so I decided to drop
      their services and to start anew. Since I have no desire right now
      to start another blog, it might we awhile before I get around to
      building a new site. Instead of writing blog entries I'm spending
      that time writing my psychic-supernatural-horror-fantasia novella,
      The Pentakotic Gateway.

      In the words of Billy Bayber:

      "The Pentakotic Gateway, herein, was rendered by an artist in paint,
      but upon the luminiferous ether it is a mystical fact. Let those who
      have eyes see the Gateway. It is branded, as if by a flame, in the
      Soul of the World, and is open to all, though not all are worthy to
      pass. In appearance the Gateway is a white light."

      "The Gateway will appear, it will open, and if so desired the soul
      of the initiate will enter a future beyond the light. Beware.

      "Unless the mental traveler has committed himself to the Great Work,
      then avert your eyes from the gateway. The experience will manifest
      great fear and suffering within the un-initiated, which is not God's
      will, but rather the diabolical will of Lucifer."
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