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4050RE: [steiner] Re: GWT to be expelled/Steiner's Past Lives/12 Holy Nights

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  • Durward Starman
    Dec 15, 2006
      In earlier post, I shared Heidenreich's statement how
      >he "wondered who Steiner was?" Can you please tell me if Dr. Steiner
      >detailed his past lives? Thought I saw something of yours that sounded
      >like he had been Thomas Aquinas (may have misinterpreted it and/or
      >possibly reference for another person/Could not locate where found,
      >tried your East West but page not available).
      ******* Dr. Steiner told his close pupils privately that he had indeed been
      Thomas Aquinas, who in turn was the reincarnation of Aristotle, whom Aquinas
      was the major interpreter of.
      He also identifed both as later incarnations of one of the semi-legendary
      characters from the Epic of Gilgamesh, I believe the one called Enkidu.



      P.S. We have only about a week before the 12 Holy Nights now. It sounds like
      people are happy with taking up the 1908 Hamburg Gospel of John lectures.
      They are available to read or download on the Steiner e-library.

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