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4036Re: [steiner] Gnostic Jesus

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  • Cheeseandsalsa@aol.com
    Dec 8, 2006
      In a message dated 12/8/2006 1:02:35 P.M. Central Standard Time, DrStarman@... writes:
      And there
      were some mystical traditions that were preserved within the schools of
      sacred art which Steiner pointed out, and within the mystical orders of the
      For example Raphael's sistine Madonna which appears to be gnostic in nature.  The cathars and knights templar were orders of what then?  The templars protected the people from the crusaders while they were going to church if I remember.  I have to revisit this. It also opposes the belief that humanity is progressing more in these areas.  So the true gnostics were the Rosicrusians of the middle ages.  Did the Cathars protect this Rosicrusian order?  I' will dig out my "Secret Stream"book.  C.R., Valentin A. were gnostic because they saw the truer form of Christianity.  It is alot of work to reconcile Steiner when he talks about H.P.B as well..  Because he respects her yet she ends up lacking credibility same as Annie Besant.  Steiner says that the occult brotherhoods worked against this information.  These were orthodox brotherhoods (catholic ones probably.  Also Jesus of Nazareth and C.R. lead the west.  Annie Besant leads the east.  What does A.B. teach about the Jesus being?  With the birth of the new age and information it seems like we are coming up against a curve.  As if it will rise and then fall again being penetrated by too much ahrimanic influence.  So many people believe all of the information coming out such as Brown's book are signs of the times.  There are Signs of the Times everywhere in history.  Its just so much work to find the truth of things.  And are there any truths or just dimensions of them? Chantel
      Ask the wild bee what the druids knew. ~Old English Adage
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