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4034RE: [steiner] Gnostic Jesus

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  • Durward Starman
    Dec 8, 2006
      ******* There were true Gnostics and false Gnostics, mostly the latter. Dan
      Brown is either the reincarnation of one of these or at least was heavily
      influenced by them. His book is rubbish. It was based on an earlier book
      entitled "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" whose writers were fooled by a hoaxer into
      thinking that they had discovered a secret society which the hoaxer made up
      called the Priory of Zion. That fake story was all made up shortly after the
      second world war by the same man, Pierre Blachard, seeking to claim he was
      the true heir to the throne of France.

      The Romans were excellent at executing people. There is no possibility
      that Jesus was not crucified and died on the cross. This is also a central
      point in the Christian faith, that, as Paul put it, if Christ is not died on
      the cross then we are all doomed. Fortunately for us, he did. However, this
      sacrifice does not save the demonic beings that inhabit the lower astral
      plane and which mediums and people dabbling with "channeling" open
      themselves up to. So, these trickster spirits have to deny the death and
      resurrection of Christ. If you look back at the false channeling and
      mediumship of almost 2000 years, you'll find this over and over again -- --
      --"Oh yeah, the Bible's real, we're Christians too, yeah, yeah, but you got
      the story all wrong, Jesus didn't die on the cross but another guy was
      substituted for him, or maybe he wasn't really there at all but just an
      illusion, or no he didn't die but ran off with Mary Magdalene and got
      married...." These are the same false messages that have been being sent for
      almost 2000 years, and which moved St. John to write that we need to test
      all spirits, and the test is that every real spirit confesses that Christ is
      come in the flesh (1John 1-3).

      The real Gnosticism is what we call today Spiritual Science. In other
      words, it is a Christian faith but one which emphasizes knowledge, not just
      blind faith. A real experience of Christ leads one to higher knowledge than
      is possible to ordinary human beings. What most of Gnosticism was in the
      second and third centuries was Platonic philosophers wanting to incorporate
      the new Christian religion into their Platonism, and so they made up fake
      Christian documents where a fictional Jesus Christ would say things that
      were to their liking, in other words head-oriented Greek philosophy and its
      derivative one-sided dualistic mysticism. Fake gospels like The Gospel of
      St. Thomas were recognized by Christians as being later forgeries, and the
      people who forged them were rightly condemned as heretics. It's no wonder
      that their community in Egypt disappeared and all that remained was some
      copies of these forgeries hidden in a jar.

      The concern over this adulteration of the message of Christianity led to
      the destruction also of much of the real Gnostics' writings, so very little
      survives of Valentinus and the others. A good guide to the real thing is the
      old Theosophist G.R.S. Mead's " Fragments of a Faith Forgotten". And there
      were some mystical traditions that were preserved within the schools of
      sacred art which Steiner pointed out, and within the mystical orders of the

      Dr. Starman


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      >Subject: [steiner] Gnostic Jesus
      >Date: Fri, 8 Dec 2006 12:03:35 EST
      >I posted a question to the group about a week ago about the gnostic Jesus.
      >I don't know why it didn't appear. I won't put as much energy into typing
      >this out as much as last time. But, my question was about Raphael and how
      >sistine Madonna painting seems like a gnostic painting. How does
      >Jesus compare to the gnostic Jesus, i.e. the Davinci code/knights templar
      >Jesus. Doesn't Jesus die shortly after the crucifixion due to carrying
      >Christ energy according to Steiner? Chantel
      >Ask the wild bee what the druids knew. ~Old English Adage

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