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  • Nina
    Dec 5, 2006
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      --- In steiner@yahoogroups.com, "thepathofthesunflower"
      <thepathofthesunflower@...> wrote:
      >> God's Son as an example for us to follow.
      >I do believe this 'philosophy' is in accordance to Dr Steiner's work.
      > Mediatations on the Signs of the Zodiac by John Jocelyn Rudolf
      > Steiner Press being my knowledge of this principle
      > Love Caryn
      Dear Caryn,
      Used to have that book.
      In conclusion to "According to Luke", Dr. Steiner spoke of the meaning
      of the fundamental words,"Peace in human hearts in whom goodwill
      "More than any other document, the Luke Gospel, if fully understood,
      fills human souls with the warm love that allows peace to dwell on
      earth as the most exquisite reflection of divine mysteries."
      Earlier he gave,
      "Until individuals are fully illumined by self-awareness, until they
      can distinquish between good and evil, from within the I,their
      earlier, original nature is visible through the veil of later
      degradation. Only the childlike element in modern human beings
      preserves a remnant of human nature as it was before we succombed to
      the influence of Luciferic beings."
      Recently found Starman's "East Meets West" articles. The one "Various
      Thoughts:The Fourth Dimension, Astroposophy" is very informative. He
      mentions astrologer Robert Powell( has series,one title on
      reincarnation). Have you seen his books? Starman also mentions Willi
      Sucher, whose works at the time of his 2003 article, were not
      available. SteinerbooksCatalog03/04 has his Cosmic Christianity.NINA
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