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  • thepathofthesunflower
    Dec 4, 2006
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      Chantel wrote:
      Haha, well, the power of attention and intention was Gurdjieff's aim
      I believe. The worst thing we can do is be passive. I can sit down
      to a Steiner lecture or book and passively read the information and
      waste a WHOLE lot of time. Or I can be attentive and alive and
      acknowledge the power of my mind. Sometimes being attentive needs
      strengthened. It is needed for ritual and practice in all sorts.
      Whether you are sacrificing a lamb or practicing a concentration
      exercise. ~Chantel

      Hi Chantel hope you are well :)

      Rudolf Steiner shared his knowledge with us as a huge gift to
      humanity. Self-knowledge in Spiritual Affairs is extremely
      important. So when someones says I visted you in your sleep you can
      say (thanks to Dr Steiner) .. the science is not correct. In order
      for you to visit me I have to perceive you inside me and in turn
      express outwardly your form from what I perceived you to be.

      They might be doing this but with the correct spiritual science
      knowledge it may be understood correctly and then the one realises
      there are check and balances. Thanks to Dr Steiner the knowledge
      very important.

      Basic example but many similiar areas Dr Steiner's work corrects
      untruths purely because of the science.

      Also, we cannot read in the spiritual worlds - we take in visual
      picture forms but actually reading of words is not able. The Doctor
      explains this to us. So while in Earth it is important to read as
      much as we can so we take this information with us into the spritual
      worlds and have a better understanding of the worlds around us.

      My thoughts
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