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  • thepathofthesunflower
    Dec 4, 2006
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      I think James is quite profound and has a wisdom not many people
      would understand. The burden of knowledge is a yoke. I think James
      is carrying this yoke and needs support... he has acquired a rare
      insight. I wouldn't mind James being a member here; the least we
      could do is offer friendship.

      Matthew you wrote:
      The problem has to do with Gurdjieff's fundamentally negative
      approach. He begun his philosophy from the standpoint that man is
      trapped in a sort of hypnotic sleep and that only super effort and
      intentional suffering can awaken the slumbering will ..

      I am not familiar with Gurdjieff's work (although after James I have
      a inkling) but what you wrote above I think rings true with Astrology.

      I hope Starman agrees with me here; the philosophy of Astrology
      (although astrology is not a philosophy it is the Divine plan of
      Creation) the principle of Astrology is;

      We each in turn go through the wheel of each Zodiac Sign. Once we
      have accomplished and attained the highest possible note or octave in
      each sign we advance to the next sign. Until we have achieved the
      highest combination of octaves in all the signs and break through the
      Circle of Life.

      We know each Sign has its Ruling Planet and each Sign and Planet has
      a negative or positive state. The negative being the lower nature
      and the positive being the higher nature.

      So in a way we are in a hypnotic sleep unless we awaken our
      slumbering Will/Ego and attain the positive (together with the
      negative to understand or appreciate the positive)the keyword being :
      awake with knowledge in order to break the Wheel of Karma. And it
      done through self effort and self knowledge. We either asleep or we
      are awake.

      Jesus Christ did this. The Risen Man. God's Son as an example for
      us to follow.

      I do believe this 'philosophy' is in accordance to Dr Steiner's work.
      Mediatations on the Signs of the Zodiac by John Jocelyn Rudolf
      Steiner Press being my knowledge of this principle.

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