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4007Re: [steiner] Gurdjieff

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  • Cheeseandsalsa@aol.com
    Dec 2, 2006
      In a message dated 12/1/2006 1:03:02 P.M. Central Standard Time, tma4cbt@... writes:

      But what positive reason did Gurdjieff ever bring?  What reason de't air did he bestow that would inspire his followers to lovingly sacrifice themselves to higher principles?   For love of God?  Love of nation or family?  To sacrifice oneself for humanity?  No, none of these!  The reason de'tair behind Gurdjieff's psychology is to sacrifice ones self for the purpose of never being tired---as absurd as that sounds. 

      In retrospect, it seems, Gurdjieff's followers might have been better advised to have huffed nitrous oxide instead.   

      Haha, well, the power of attention and intention was Gurdjieff's aim I believe.  The worst thing we can do is be passive.  I can sit down to a Steiner lecture or book and passively read the information and waste a WHOLE lot of time.  Or I can be attentive and alive and acknowledge the power of my mind.  Sometimes being attentive needs strengthened.  It is needed for ritual and practice in all sorts.  Whether you are sacrificing a lamb or practicing a concentration exercise.  ~Chantel
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