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3933Re: PoF study: mental pictures

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  • Nina
    Nov 20 5:24 AM
      This is a wonderful example fr scholar McGinn's, "The Growth of
      Mysticism". He shared this about Joachim of Fiore when he was trying
      to understand Rev 1:10:
      'Stymied by the difficulties of the last book of the Bible, he had put
      down his pen for a year, when he experienced the visions he described
      in the following words:'After a year, the feast of Easter came around.
      Awakened from sleep about midnight, something happened to me as I was
      meditating on this book...About the middle of the night's silence, as
      I think, the hour when it is thought that our Lion of the tribe of
      Judah rose from the dead, as I was meditating, suddenly something of
      the fullness of this book and of the entire harmony of the Old and New
      Tastaments were perceived with clarity of understanding in my mind's
      eye. The revelation was made when I was not even mindful of the
      chapter, mentioned above (Apoc 1:10 which had blocked him)'. Joachim
      described as 'the key of things past,the knowledge of things to come,
      the opening of what is sealed, the uncovering of what is
      hidden'...This sudden understanding of scripture given by the risen
      Christ was later deepened by another vision...'In the meantime, when I
      had entered the church to pray to Almighty God before the holy altar,
      there came upon me an uncertainty concerning belief in the
      Trinity...When that happened I prayed with all my might. I was very
      frightened and I called upon the Holy Spirit whose feast day it was,
      to deign to show me the holy mystery of the Trinity... I repeated this
      and began to sing the psalms to complete the number I had intended. At
      this moment without delay, the shape of a ten-stringed psaltry
      appeared in my mind. The mystery of the Holy Trinity shone so brightly
      and clearly in it that I was at once compelled to cry out, "What God
      is as great as our God?' (Ps.76:14)" NINA
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